Supreme Knight convokes summit of charitable groups to confront crisis

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson
Supreme Knight Carl Anderson


In a speech delivered on Jan. 23 at Fairfield University, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson invited the nation’s top charitable and volunteer organizations to attend a summit on Feb. 27 on volunteerism and the charitable response to the economic crisis.


The leader of the Knights of Columbus said that, with the philanthropic giving index down 22 percent, and the economic crisis affecting non-profit organizations nationwide, charities must increase volunteer activity.


The summit will be sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and the Fairfield University Center for Faith and Public Life. Mr. Anderson’s talk will be available live via satellite and online at


The speech will also encourage charitable organizations to work together with the new administration to emphasize and create opportunities for volunteers, especially at a time when financial donations to charity are decreasing.


“Government and charities must work together for the good of our country, and in difficult economic times, that means creating opportunities for Americans to give of their time and talent, as well as their treasure” said Anderson.


“People may be unable to donate $50 or $100 dollars to charity, but everyone can certainly spend an extra hour a week – that’s less than ten minutes a day – doing something for the good of his or her neighbor.”


Anderson is the author of last year’s New York Times bestseller A Civilization of Love (HarperOne).


The Knights of Columbus is one of the nation’s most active volunteer organizations.   Last year Knights donated more than $144 million and more than 68 million hours to charity.

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