Terminally ill Colombian bishop discusses science, faith and hope


An editorial published last week by the newspaper La Verdad gave readers a close-up of Colombian Bishop Jaime Prieto Amaya's health. The prelate was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July. 

The editorial highlighted the bishop's faith and hope amidst his illness, as well as the spiritual solidarity of the faithful.

“While it is true that science exists in order to be a truly neutral discipline that seeks only the truth, it is also true that God has always led us to Him through faith and not through logic,” the article stated.

Therefore, it continued, “A believing people, without ignoring the power and advances of science, is watching with sorrow as their pastor suffers and debates between what science has been able to offer and faith in a God who, beyond the norms of medicine, is capable of giving and prolonging life.  Thus do the baptized and the priests of the Diocese of Cucuta believe and profess.”

After citing a series of biblical examples, the editorial also urged readers to pray that God would grant the bishop consolation and strength.

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