Third installment of 'Jesus of Nazareth' due out in Italy at Christmas

Third installment of 'Jesus of Nazareth' due out in Italy at Christmas

.- The Vatican Publishing House has signed an agreement allowing the publication of Pope Benedict's latest book on Jesus, which focuses on the the infancy of Christ.

Italian publisher Rizzoli signed an agreement Sept. 21 with the Vatican Publishing House and was given the mandate to sell the rights to publish the Pope's writings around the globe.

In Italy, the book focusing on the childhood of Christ is expected to be released at Christmas as a joint publication of the Vatican Publishing House and Rizzoli.

The official title has not yet been released to the public and work is continuing on translations into multiple other languages.

This book marks the third volume in Pope Benedict's “Jesus of Nazareth” series.

The first volume in the series, “Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration,” was published as a hardcover in English in 2007 by Doubleday and in paperback in 2008 by Ignatius Press.

In the introduction of his first book, published just after his election to the papacy, Benedict explained that it was in “no way an exercise of the magisterium,”  but rather an “expression of his personal search for the face of the Lord.”

In the work, the Pope explored the majority of Jesus' public ministry, including his baptism by John the Baptist, his Sermon on the Mount, the meaning of the parables, the calling of the 12 apostles, the confession of Peter and the Transfiguration.

In the second work in the series, “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week,” Pope Benedict looked at Christ's entrance into Jerusalem, his suffering and death, his resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven 40 days later.

“Only in the second volume do we encounter the decisive sayings and events of Jesus' life,” Pope Benedict said of his book. “I hope that I have been granted an insight into the figure of Our Lord that can be helpful to all readers who seek to encounter Jesus and believe in Him.”

Published in English by Ignatius Press in 2011, “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week,” made its way to the  New York Times Best Seller List shortly after being released.

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