Turkish cleric says Pope is taking right steps in dialogue

.- Turkey’s top Islamic cleric, Grand Mufti Ali Bardakoglu praised Pope Benedict XVI for his Monday meeting with Muslim leaders at Castelgandolfo and said the Pontiff is on the right track to repairing dialogue between Catholics and Muslims according to Italian daily “La Repubblica”.  

The Grand Mufti, referring to the Pontiff’s quotation of a 14th century emperor which was very critical of Islam, said that "some time will be necessary to completely cancel the mistake committed by the pope."

"However,” the Islamic leader continued, “the recent expressions of regret and the speech yesterday (Monday) made to Muslim political and religious representatives will certainly be perceived as positive steps."

On Monday Benedict received Italian Islamic leaders as well as ambassadors from 21 Muslim countries and a representative from the Arab League.  The Pontiff reaffirmed to the gathered leaders his desire to continue a open and honest dialogue between Christians and Muslims.

The pope is scheduled to visit mostly-Muslim Turkey in November. 

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