TV news report exposes cult leader who claims to have Marian apparitions

.- A Costa Rican cult, which continues to have Catholic followers in San Antonio, has been exposed as fraudulent and the cult leader as an imposter in a recent investigative report by News 4 WOAI.

Costa Rican Juan Pablo Delgado claims he has visions and receives messages from the Virgin Mary.

CNA reported in November 2003 that Archbishop-emeritus Patrick Flores of San Antonio and three Costa Rican bishops had denounced the Reina y Señora de Todo lo Creado (The Queen and Lady of All Creation). The cult has a reputation for violence in Costa Rica, and its members were preparing for the end of the world in December 2003.

News 4 WOAI obtained pictures taken inside Delgado's Costa Rican compound, which show him acting and dressing like a priest, with bloody wounds on his hands and feet, similar to those of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Journalist Brian Collister also interviewed a former cult member, who, over the past two years, traveled between San Antonio and Costa Rica to be near Delgado. She gave him thousands of dollars and even stayed at the Cost Rican compound where Delgado claims he has his visions.

Trevino claims Delgado is manipulating followers to get their money, and when he doesn't he can become violent.

She is suing Delgado for allegedly attacking her after she refused to give him money that he said the Virgin Mary told him she had to pay to atone for a sin.

Trevino then claims Delgado starting smashing her windows with rocks while other followers stood by and did nothing. She told the journalist that she now fears for her life after Delgado passed on a message to his followers that he claims came from the Virgin Mary.

"There was a message given where they have permission to kill me," she said.

The television crew also attested to the cult members' violent streaks. When the television news team showed up last year at the Costa Rican compound, cult members grabbed their camera and chased them off their property. One follower even threatened them with a hammer.

The cult also made headlines when former San Antonio priest Fr. Alfred Prado moved to Costa Rica in 2003 and joined the group as its spiritual adviser. Prado is accused of molesting boys more than 30 years ago at St. Timothy's Church.

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