UN officials denounced for interfering in political life of Latin America

UN officials denounced for interfering in political life of Latin America

.- Various civil organizations have denounced U.N. officials for interfering in the affairs of Latin America countries in an attempt to pressure them to adopt gender policies.
The Institute for Formation, Research and Study of Women and the Family in Chile, the Population Research Institute, the Institute for Family Wellbeing in Panama and the Pro-Yucatan Network in Mexico said nations should be defined and supported by the U.N. and not threatened and pressured.  They called it alarming that the U.N. has issued an “ultimatum” to Latin American countries telling them that they must respond to its “recommendations” that the United Nations' gender and abortion directives be implemented.
The organizations said some officials have lost sight of the U.N.’s mission to strengthen peace and protect the fundamental human rights proclaimed in 1948. In particular, they singled out Liliana Valina of the U.N. Office for Human Rights in Mexico, who issued an ultimatum to Mexico demanding the country implement U.N. policies.
Carlos Polo, director for Latin America of the Population Research Institute, has repeated denounced the excesses committed by U.N. officials who promote anti-life and anti-family ideologies.
“Unfortunately this happens when some organizations think they know what’s best for others,” he said, noting that “some members of the committees that monitor international treaties have been seduced by these theories. And they have even gone so far as to use their positions to give the impression that the entire U.N. organization supports them, but this is not the case.”
Polo said such officials regularly demand accountability from nations and employ terms such as “demand,” “deplore” or “congratulate” in reference to the country in question in their efforts to force it to introduce policies such as the legalization of abortion or gender ideology in public policy.

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