Unborn babies are 'trophies' for abortionists, says Spanish archbishop


Spanish Archbishop Jesus Sanz Montes wrote this week that the battle for the right to life in the country is not over, and criticized abortion supporters for turning the unborn victims into “hunting trophies.”

“We must fill ourselves with peaceful strength to remind ourselves that the battle against the greatest contradiction of our age, with the new law on abortion - an incredible death sentence - is not over,” the archbishop said in a new pastoral letter.

The Spanish Senate voted recently to pass the Socialist government’s new law on abortion. The decision will allow women over the age of 16 to obtain the procedure up until the 14th week of pregnancy.

The archbishop criticized those who celebrate the new liberalized abortion law and scolded female government officials for “raising a toast to this strange legal victory, which is a greater license to kill more innocent and defenseless human beings, who are never allowed to cry.  The picture of these women congratulating each other, celebrating these macabre hunting trophies in which the hunting victims are babies whose births were cut short, is sad” he added.

For this reason, he called on Spaniards to “defend the lives of the unborn by defending the life of the mother, just as we also defend the lives of those who are born and continue their journey amidst a thousand difficulties of every kind ...”

“I’ve said it many times: killing a child in the womb of his mother is sentencing the mother herself to death as they themselves testify,” the archbishop said.

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