Venezuelan cardinal calls for new evangelization of country's capital

Venezuelan cardinal calls for new evangelization of country's capital


At a Mass sending off members of the Great Continental Mission in the Archdiocese of Caracas, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino exhorted the faithful to carry on the work of evangelization in the Venezuelan capital despite the changing political circumstances in the country.

Members of the mission will go door-to-door proclaiming the Gospel message in Caracas.

“Today we hear the words of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, who sends us to proclaim the Gospel of love, peace, spiritual growth, salvation and happiness,” the cardinal said in his homily. He added that their evangelization efforts will be a source of renewal for both the individuals as well as the community.

“This is an initiative for the renewal of the faith and the Christian life of so many of our brothers and sisters. They need to hear the comforting message of the love of God, of human greatness, of conversion, of new life that the Lord Jesus...brings us,” he continued.

However, the cardinal stressed, the group will face numerous challenges as the Venezuelan capital is a place filled with people who are constantly affected by the “process of secularization,” do not receive enough pastoral care, and are permanently subjected to social agitation amidst the current political climate.

“At the conclusion of this Mission,” Cardinal Urosa said, “We hope to have a stronger, more evangelical, more spiritual, more numerous, more dynamic and more active Church in our capital.”

“Thus the Lord encourages us today. Let us set out into the deep trusting in his strength, encouraged by his word, strengthened by his grace, united as brothers and sisters and conscious of the greatness of our Christian vocation,” the cardinal concluded.

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