Vice President of Peruvian Congress says abortion solves nothing

Vice President of Peruvian Congress says abortion solves nothing


The Vice President of the Peruvian Congress, Fabiola Morales Castillo, said this week, “We cannot allow children to be killed in the wombs of their mothers under any circumstances in order to solve the problem” of rape, because those babies “are not guilty and have no way to defend themselves.”

Morales Castillo's comments were made in response to the Minister for Women’s Affairs, Carmen Vildoso, who said the idea of giving a child up for adoption who was conceived through rape was “traumatic.”

During a recent radio interview Vildoso said the idea that an underage girl who has become pregnant through rape could give her child up for adoption “is another trauma.  The first trauma is the rape and the second is giving the child up in adoption.”

In response to this pro-abortion position, Morales Castillo said the alternative of adoption is valid, “as the baby is given the chance to be welcomed in a home and receive the care of generous persons who will give him love and help him grow.  The minister should concern herself with finding creative solutions to these problems, such as improving the administrative procedures for adoption, for example, which take too long.”

Speaking later about underage girls who are raped and left pregnant, Morales underscored that this situation “is a problem that merits all of our attention, but it will not be solved by promoting and condemning defenseless children to death [by abortion].”

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