Abortion in Mexico

Widespread rejection of plan to legalize abortion in Mexican capital

.- The bishops of Mexico, together with parents’ organizations, Christian groups and thousands of Mexicans have expressed their repudiation of a proposal which could lead to the legalization of abortion throughout the nation up to the twelfth week of pregnancy.

In a statement the spokesman of the Archdiocese of Mexico, Hugo Valdemar, called the anti-life measure “unjust, irresponsible and criminal” and he called for “peaceful protests” and days of prayer for the unborn.

“We want to tell those who think in an anti-democratic and intolerant way that the Church will not be silent, as she desires to be faithful to her Lord, and she has the prophetic duty of denouncing sin, evil and injustice,” the statement indicated.

The press office of the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico issued its own statement emphasizing that “respect for human life is not something demanded only of Christians; reason alone is enough to demand it, based on the analysis of what a person is and should be.  There are certain rights that society cannot grant because they come before it, but it does have the mission of preserving and protecting the rights recognized by the majority of nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

“A person’s first right is the right to life.  It is the fundamental right and condition for all others.  Therefore it should be protected more than any other.  It’s not for society or for civil authorities to grant this right to some and withhold it from others,” the statement adds.  “Our legislators bear in their consciences the responsibility of protecting the fundamental rights of every person.  We must let them know how we feel.”

“In a democratic society, it is opportune and necessary to dialogue with all groups of society before making fundamental decisions.  To try to silence dissenting voices is a sign of authoritarianism, intolerance and exclusion” the bishops’ statement warned.

Leaders from other Christian churches in Mexico also expressed their rejection of the proposal, including representatives of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Anglican Church, The Biblical Society of Mexico, Pastors United for Mexico, and other evangelical and protestant groups.

The National Union of Parents (NUP) announced it would organize a march for life this Sunday in the Mexican capital for “all persons of good will and not only Catholics.” The march will end at the Basilica of Guadalupe, where Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera will celebrate a special Mass.  “There are dozens of organizations that are upset that our legislators want to legalize killing through abortion,” said Guillermo Bustamente, president of the NUP.

“The Church has the full right not only to strongly point out the abominable crime of abortion, but also to orient the faithful not to vote for candidates who are in favor of abortion or homosexual unions,” Bustamante added.

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