Wisconsin group points efforts toward fight to save Schiavo

.- A Pro-life group in Wisconsin is making the fight for Terri Schiavo’s life first on their priority list.

Because of a decision by Florida judge George Greer, the husband of brain damaged Schiavo’s was forced to postpone the removal of his wife’s feeding tube until at least today.

For nearly four years, a fight has raged between Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, who maintains that his wife would never have wanted to be kept alive in her current state, and her parents who argue that their daughter never stated anything of the sort and could still be conscious.

Barbara Lyons, Executive Director of Wisconsin Right to Life said that, "We must realize that Judge Greer's ruling is only temporary and that Terri's life is still in grave danger." 

She added that the group is “urging all Wisconsin citizens who have friends and relatives in Florida to contact those friends and relatives and urge them to contact their representatives in the Florida legislature and ask them to immediately pass legislation to protect Terri Schiavo and others who are in a similar situation."

Governor Jeb Bush and others in Florida state government are working on possible bills and other strategies to protect Terri and those in similar situations. Terri’s family and their lawyers are working closely with legislators and trying to race the clock on their daughter’s life.

Wisconsin Right to Life added that while the state of Wisconsin currently has two documents “that allow individuals to declare their preferences for health care decisions, they contain a number of serious shortcomings from the pro-life perspective – some of which could cause premature death.”

“In order to address those serious shortcomings,” Lyons said, “Wisconsin Right to Life offers pro-life versions of those documents and we encourage Wisconsin residents to obtain copies of those documents."

Wisconsin Right to Life can be reached at www.wrtl.org

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