Abortion in Mexico

Womb now most dangerous place in Mexico, bishop laments

.- The president of the Committee on the Family of the Mexican Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Rodrigo Aguilar Martinez, warned that the new law legalizing abortion the Mexican capital now makes the womb, “which should be the safest place in life,” the “most dangerous place” for the unborn.

The bishop slammed legislators for redefining abortion “with one stroke of the pen” as “the interruption of pregnancy after the twelfth week of gestation.”  He encouraged people to look at photos and videos of the unborn during the first trimester and see for themselves that what is inside the womb is not a “worm” or a “frog,” but “a human being.”

Bishop Aguilar Martinez stressed that while the new law forces no one to abort, “it opens a wide door to permissiveness,” which will lead young people more sexual promiscuity, “seeking pleasure without the responsibility of procreation.”

“I don’t pretend to spend any more time trying to convince you that the new law is senseless,” the bishop said.  “I prefer to invite you to contemplate with fascination and wonder the marvel of human life from its beginning,” he added.

He called on Mexicans to collaborate responsibly in the work of God’s creation by “raising children in a stable and mature relationship, based on sacramental marriage.”  He also prayed for those planning an abortion and for those who “ardently long for a new child.”

Meanwhile Archbishop Ulises Macias Salcedo of Hermosillo told reporters the legalization of abortion in Mexico does not mean it is no longer a crime, as abortion is crime that, “as Mother Teresa said…takes two lives: that of the innocent child and the conscience of the mother,” who will be troubled by it forever.  He said it was sad that this occurs in the 21st century and that even though some try to change God’s law, it is what continues to govern peoples’ consciences. 

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