Women Against Abortion petition signed by more than 30,000 in Spain


The organization Women Against Abortion in Spain has collected more than 30,000 signatures against the government’s plan to liberalize abortion laws.
The petition, which was started during the program “Afternoons With Christina” on the COPE Radio Network, is being supported by a number of well-known political and professional figures in Spain, including Flamenco singer Nina Pastori.
Cristina Lopez Schlichting, who hosts the show, underscored that there are many women who oppose abortion and have the right to be heard. A “decent society has the duty to protect the right to life,” she stated.

Lopez criticized the government for covering up the consequences of abortion and said post-abortion syndrome must be addressed in public policy. “Taking the life of a child could stay in a mother’s heart forever,” she said.
The petition emphasizes that “human life is a right and a good that must be preserved from the moment of conception and any human being, regardless of age, must enjoy the full protection of the State and its laws.”  It also says motherhood is “a fundamental right” and that there is a social and political responsibility to make it compatible with the right of holding a job and freely choosing one’s way of life.”
"Abortion is unethical and legally unacceptable, not only because it annihilates a defenseless human being, but because it constitutes violence against the dignity of women. With this manifesto we expressly renounce the so-called ‘right to abortion’ that others insist on granting us,” the petition reads.
More information on the petition can be found in Spanish at: http://www.mujerescontraelaborto.com.

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