World Bank again promoting abortion after US acquiescence

World Bank again promoting abortion after US acquiescence


The World Bank has approved a new health policy that promotes abortion worldwide after the United States caved to pressure from the European Union.

Despite that most of the funds for the World Bank come from the United States and not from Europe, delegates from the Bush administration decided to lift the veto against a pro-abortion policy at the Bank in order to curry favor with delegates from Europe.

The Bush administration tried to include language in the overhaul of the Bank’s health policy that would have prevented the use of the ambiguous and pro-abortion phrase “promotion of reproductive health services.”

Nevertheless, according to, World Bank officials from Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany and Norway demanded it continue its coercive pro-abortion policy worldwide, including in countries where abortion is not legal.

The Unites States caved in to the pressure and abstained from presenting objections to the policies before the Bank’s self-imposed deadline, leaving the institution free to continue promoting abortion.

According to a press release from the World Bank, “in its new strategy, the Bank is committed to working on population issues in countries with great unmet needs in the area of sexual and reproductive heath,” terms euphemistically used by international organizations to refer to forced birth control and abortion.

Stephen Mosher, founder and director of the Population Research Institute, denounced the US administration for failing to maintain the Bank’s policy against abortion.

Mosher said there are sufficient public documents to show that the World Bank is financing, with US money, efforts to promote abortion, especially in Africa.

“World Bank money, in sum, is financing the promotion of abortion, something that most Americans consider unacceptable,” Mosher told  “Two weeks ago here in Washington I had a dozen representatives of Latin American countries that are profoundly offended by these programs for multiple reasons, and nevertheless we continue trampling on their values, traditions and moral convictions.”

Mosher denounced the World Bank for spending its money on birth control rather than addressing the real needs of developing countries.