Youtube video encourages praying the Rosary for priests

Youtube video encourages praying the Rosary for priests

.- An elderly priest enters a chapel with a Rosary in hand as a young woman is heard speaking about the incredible sacrifice of priests who give their lives to others.  Thus begins May Feelings III, the latest chapter in a Youtube video series that encourages the Rosary during May, the month of Mary.

After the success of May Feelings I and II, the team from Belomasan Films now presents May Feelings III, which is an expression of gratitude and solidarity towards priests.

In an interview with CNA, the creators of these videos explained that the idea for the project began in 2007 in Madrid.  After hearing a song by Elvis Presley titled, “The Miracle of the Rosary,” they wondered why a Protestant would have recorded a song dedicated to Mary. 

“If Elvis as a Protestant paid homage to the Virgin Mary, we had to do something.  That was the reason behind the idea to do something dedicated to the Virgin Mary.  After thinking and thinking we realized there were only four days until the month of May, so knowing that the Virgin Mary loves it when the Rosary is prayed, we thought that a video on the Rosary would be something that would please her.”

The May Feelings team said the reaction to the videos has been surprising, with EWTN even broadcasting them on its programs: “Life on the Rock” and “Nuestra Fe en Vivo.”

“It would be bold on our part to try and quantify the importance of the Rosary,” they said.  “In fact we think its importance is unquantifiable because of its infinite value.  That is, the Virgin Mary expressly told us at Fatima to pray the Rosary.”

They continued, “the fact that the Mother of God has spoken about the praying of a particular prayer seems to us to be something to consider, don’t you think?” they asked.

As far as young people are concerned, the creators said, “We think it is something essential.  At a time in which it seems young people are condemned to live in a world immersed in a crisis of values, in a dictatorship of relativism, more than ever we need a vision that puts God at the center of things.”

“As the great saints say, the best way to get to Jesus is through Mary.  If this is true, doesn’t the recitation of the Holy Rosary acquire an even greater importance?”

The creators of May Feelings III said the purpose of the video is two-fold.  “On the one hand, it is to confirm the marvelous reality of the existence of thousands and thousands of priests in the world who give their lives for the Church, especially at a time when society and the media seem to be continuously searching and searching for mistakes and loose ends.  In this sense, we don’t want to get involved in the debate, we just want to put out a positive and optimistic message.”

On the other hand, they said, “We wanted to create a message aimed directly at priests to tell them, ‘Thank you,’ thank you for the work you do. We know that times are difficult right now but we want you to know that just as you do not leave us alone, we will not do so either. We believe the Church is precisely that, a communion of persons united in Christ, and now more than ever we must show that union, and what better way than doing so through prayer, with the intercession of the Virgin Mary through the recitation of the Holy Rosary.”

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