Zaragoza declaration urges governments to help pregnant women


The Fourth International Pro-Life Congress, which ended on Monday in Zaragoza, Spain, issued a document directed at public officials and society in general, urging governments to “work effectively to help pregnant women.”

During a press conference, Jose Perez Adan, professor of Sociology at the University of Valencia and a member of the executive committee of the International Pro-Life Congresses, told reporters, “There is still no international platform involving governments that is devoted to providing economic and health care to pregnant women.”

Adan called attention to the “need to internationalize maternity assistance.”  In his opinion, “Aid for pregnant women should go beyond the borders of our country and reach the rest of the world.”

“Abortion has been the greatest cause of death in the history of humanity,” he continued, noting that each year it takes some “50 million” lives. 

A Million Candles

Some 3,000 volunteers for the Fourth International Pro-Life Congress in Zaragoza participated in a project called “A Million Candles,” which consisted of lighting one candle for each child not born since Spain legalized abortion.

Vazquez called the project an attempt to “sensitize and support the culture of life.” 

The event began with the reading of the pro-life manifesto that was proclaimed at the October 17 March for Life in Madrid.

The line of candles stretched over two miles through the city of Valencia.