Get Catholic News on your smart speaker

A daily news briefing from Catholic News Agency, powered by artificial intelligence. Ask your smart speaker to play “Catholic News,” or listen every morning wherever you get podcasts. A service of EWTN News.

Listening to “Catholic News” on your smart speaker

Google Home:

“Catholic News” is available on any Google Home-connected device with no activation required. 

Simply ask your Google Home device one of the following launch phrases:

“Hey Google, play Catholic News”
“Hey Google, listen to news from Catholic News Agency”
“Hey Google, play news from Catholic News Agency”

While the briefing is playing, you can use the usual Google commands to change the volume, stop or continue.

Amazon Alexa:

“Catholic News” is available on Alexa with no activation required. 

Simply ask your Alexa-connected device:

“Alexa, open Catholic News”
"Alexa, start Catholic News"

Alternatively, you have the option to activate the skill on your Alexa app and set it as your “Flash Briefing.”

  1. In the Amazon Alexa app, choose “Skills and Games” in the menu. 

    Select "Skill & Games".
    Select "Skill & Games".
  2. Search for “Catholic News.”

    Search for "catholic news".
    Search for "catholic news".

    The skill will look like this:

    The Catholic News skill.
    The Catholic News skill.
  3. Tap “Enable to use.”

    Enabling the skill
    <p>Enabling the skill</p>
  4. Once the skill is enabled, try asking your Alexa device to “Play my Flash Briefing.”

    The skill enabled.
    The skill enabled.