Shorter Examination of Conscience

  • When was my last good Confession? Did I re­ceive Commu­nion or other sacraments while in the state of mortal sin? Did I intention­ally fail to confess some mortal sin in my previous Confession?
  • Did I willfully and seriously doubt my faith, or put myself in dan­ger of losing it by reading literature hostile to Catholic teachings or by getting involved with non-Catholic sects? Did I engage in supersti­tious activities: palm reading, fortune telling?
  • Did I take the name of God in vain? Did I curse or take a false oath? Did I use bad language?
  • Did I miss Mass on a Sunday or a holy day of obligation through my own fault, without any serious rea­son? Did I fast and abstain on the prescribed days?
  • Did I disobey my parents or lawful superiors in im­portant matters?
  • Was I selfish in how I treated others, especially my spouse, my brothers and sisters, my relatives, or my friends? Did I hatefully, quarrel with anyone, or desire re­venge? Did I refuse to forgive? Did I cause physical injury or even death? Did I get drunk? Did I take illicit drugs? Did I consent to, advise, or actively take part in an abortion?
  • Did I willfully look at indecent pictures or watch im­moral movies? Did I read immoral books or mag­a­zines? Did I engage in impure jokes or conversa­tions? Did I willfully en­tertain im­pure thoughts or feelings? Did I commit impure acts, alone or with oth­ers? Did I take contraceptive or abortifacient pills, or use other arti­ficial means in order to prevent conception?
  • Did I steal or damage another's prop­erty? How much? Have I made reparation for the damages done? Have I been honest in my business relations?
  • Did I tell lies? Did I sin by slander? By detraction-telling unknown grave faults of others without necessity? Did I judge others rashly in se­ri­ous matters? Have I tried to make restitution for any damage of reputation that I have caused?

If you remember other serious sins besides those indi­cated here, include them also in your Confession.