Official Prayer

Catholics from all over the world can accompany the pope on his trip with this prayer:

Prayer in preparation for Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico:

The Archbishop and Primate of Mexico, Cardinal Norberto Rivera, announced the prayer of preparation for the Holy Father’s visit to the land of Mexico.

This is the prayer:

Mother of God and our mother:
Our Lady of Guadalupe:
We are joyful and grateful
because Pope Francis, the Vicar of your Son,
is coming to visit us.
He is coming to place in your hands
the Jubilee Year of Mercy
and bring to us a message
of hope and concord.
Pray for him and for us
so that we may know to be open
to what God wants to to tell us through him
And as he leaves may he take us with him in his heart,
and leave behind planted in our own hearts
the abundant fruits of conversion. Amen.

+Norberto Cardinal Rivera Carrera