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These Mexican cities are “waiting with joy” for Pope Francis with these songs

Foto : Ecatepec - Chiapas - Michoacán - Ciudad Juárez / Crédito: YT Codipacs Ecatepec - YT Arquidiocesis Tuxtla - YT SilvanoTV - Wikipedia (Dominio Público)
(L-R) Ecatepec, Chiapas, Michoacán and Ciudad Juárez.

The cities of Chiapas, Ecatepec, Juárez and Michoacán have already released their music videos with songs welcoming Pope Francis during his visit to Mexico Feb. 12­17.


“Welcome Francis” is the name of the song from the city Ecatepec greeting Pope Francis on February 14. Raúl Hernández wrote the lyrics, Victor Camacho composed the music and Voces of Ecatepec (Voices of Ecatepec) perform the song.

“We welcome him who speaks and brings peace with his good works. We welcome him who is humble and charitable. Welcome to the shepherd who has the smell of his sheep. Welcome, Francis, in the name of the Lord.”

The video images show the façade of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, processions, the faithful from parishes along with a priest waving hello. In the middle of the song, a priest, children, teens and a group of women express their joy over the pope’s visit.

There are also clips where the pontiff washes feet, steps down off the airplane and shares with the faithful. Also shown are groups holding individual letters signs spelling out “Stir things up” and “Go out onto the streets.”


“Welcome Francis my friend, today my Chiapas receives you, here there’s celebration and joy, here there’s celebration and joy. Welcome Francis my friend, to this land with the fragrance of the forest, to this Church with the savor of Christ. We are a family with you,” the choir sings in this song entitled “Welcome Francis My Friend” with which they are awaiting the pontiff on February 14.

Mexican musician Marco López wrote the lyrics and Kiki Troia, an Argentine Catholic singer, did the musical arrangement. The joyful song was performed by New Fire Music Ministry of Chiapas. The audiovisual was produced by German Bernardo Ortiz de Montellano Velasco.

The video shows the joy of the people, dancers with colorful masks and traditional dress, native plants and animals, the vast forested countryside of Chiapas, as well as their architectural heritage.


“We welcome you Pope Francis. Michoacán receives you with tenderness and love. Michoacán receives you with a soul full of peace. Michoacán receives you with joy and hope,” the choir sings in their song entitled “Michoacán receives you with their soul.” This city will “receive him with their soul” on February 16.

The video features scenes of churches and their altars, plazas, floral decorations, altars adorned with candles and various persons in traditional dress.

The video was sponsored by the Michoacán state government.


The song the Holy Father will be welcomed with on February 17 in Juarez is called “Francis is” and the melody was composed by Sergio Carmona and Jorge Alvídrez.

“Francis is, Francis is, the name he chose to be our shepherd. Humble servant of the Lord, new hope gives joy to our hearts,” the choir sings.

In the video there are shots of Pope Francis at the Vatican and of his spontaneous gestures that captivated the hearts of the faithful during his travels in the Philppines, the United States and Ecuador.

There are also scenes of a group of people dressed in white dancing and waving handkerchiefs in the air, a man lighting candles in a church and families praying.