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Credo, Domine Iesu

I believe that only you are the Messiah
the son of the living God.
I believe you became flesh
oh eternal word!
In the ever virgin Mary.
I believe you prepared her
for this mission since all times.

I believe
that the anticipated gift
of her Immaculate Conception
is a gift for all humanity.
I believe you are the conciliator,
the only Christ
I believe you invite all human beings,
to conversion and forgiveness.
I believe you are the way,
the truth and the life
I believe only you,
are the word that saves.

I believe that
who remains in your love,
will live for ever.
I believe you have vanquished death
I believe you open to humanity,
the path to eternal life
I believe that who dies in you,
is  invited to participate fully
in the communion of love.

I believe that in your communion,  
are those who served you faithfully
and in you enjoy the mirth of felicity
I believe in You,
my Lord an God,
and I live to accomplish
your plan of love.

I let you love me
and with the grace of your love,
I live in this pilgrimage,
with the hope to reach eternal life,
to take part in the communion of love,
to be part of this people,
who sings your glory in triumph,
to come to the encounter,
which is nurtured in the ..
in your love.

I ask you,
my Lord and God,
through the intercession of Saint Mary,
your mother,
and our mother
wonderful gift,
which you designated for us
from the wood of the cross
that you grant me
all the help and graces
to remain in your love
that day
I will be called in your presence
though I know
I’m not worthy of your mercy
you would pour out with abundance,
I may hear you invite me
to the full share
of the eternal communion

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