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Mother of pilgrimage

Sweet mother of mine
who with meekness,
welcomed the plan of the father,
revealed to you by Gabriel,
his messenger;
with love you received,
the eternal word
in your womb
immaculate and virginal,
your mind you opened,
your heart and your whole existence,
to the spirit of love;
intercede so that God,
one and three,
grants us the grace,
to walk through
the path of faith,
with the hope
of finding him,
and participate,
in the communion of love,
as the day comes,
in which you will call
me in your presence.

In virtue of this gift,
beloved mother of mine,
you may find,
those of have received him,
my loved ones.

That hope,
of full Communion
impels me to walk,
and the divine grace,
helps me to reach
the promises
of faith,
that encourage me
in the Lord.

Mother of the pilgrim,
with your maternal intercession,
guide and support,
my pilgrimage,
and watch so that I may reach
the longed final joy.

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