One-Child Policy

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Chinese woman rescued over 30 abandoned babies

Aug 2, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Reports of a woman in China who saved dozens of abandoned babies in recent decades has drawn praise for her... Read more


Photo sparks global outrage over China's one-child policy

Jun 18, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have used social networks to protest China's one-child policy after a photo surfaced of... Read more

Rep. Chris Smith listens to testimony during the May 15, 2012 hearing on the plight of Chen Guangcheng.

Witnesses warn of retribution against Chen Guangcheng’s family, friends

May 16, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

A hearing before a U.S. House subcommittee on human rights discussed the current status of blind pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng,... Read more