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Is the Catholic Church anti-woman? Two feminist scholars debate

Feb 26, 2017

For Erika Bachiochi, the Catholic Church has been able to offer a genuine pro-woman theology which not only safeguards and... Read more

We've all got it wrong about women in the Catholic Church

Dec 26, 2016

By Elise Harris

When it comes to talking about women and their role in the Church, discussion tends to focus almost exclusively on... Read more

In new book, millennial Catholic women chat faith, life and dating

Jul 25, 2016

Megan Finegan and Kaylin Koslosky are not theologians, journalists, or youth ministers. But the 22-year-old friends believe that they can... Read more

What challenges do women face at work? The Vatican takes a look

Dec 8, 2015

By Ann Schneible

A two-day Vatican workshop over the weekend explored the unique challenges faced by women as they balance work with family... Read more

Panel participants in the 2013 Vatican women's conference.

Women are the world's 'pragmatic responders,' leader says

Oct 14, 2013

At a Vatican conference on the topic “God entrusts the human being to the woman,” global female experts discussed the... Read more