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Tennessee governor urges investigation of Vanderbilt pediatric transgender clinic

Sep 21, 2022

By Joe Bukuras

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has called for an investigation into the Vanderbilt University Medical Center after comments on transgender surgeries. Read more

As Catholic school district promotes Pride flag, Toronto archdiocese says cross the best symbol of inclusion

May 13, 2021

While the Toronto Catholic School District Board has voted to proclaim June as Pride Month and fly the rainbow LGBT... Read more

Transgender lawsuit against Catholic hospital cites new US Supreme Court precedent

Jul 20, 2020

A Catholic hospital in Maryland faces a lawsuit from a person who presents as a transgender man because it would... Read more

Helen Alvare, a law professor at George Mason University.

Law professor says Christian sexual ethics will help poor

May 10, 2013

By Adelaide Mena

George Mason University law professor Helen Alvare challenged Catholics to courageously witness to the truth of the Church’s sexual teaching,... Read more

Helen M. Alvare, law professor at George Mason University.

Law professor says flawed view of sex threatens religious freedom

May 18, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

A law professor at George Mason University believes that current threats to religious freedom are intrinsically connected to the modern... Read more