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Actor Eduardo Verastigui addresses the 2021 Live Action Life Awards Gala on Aug. 21, 2021.

An encounter at an abortion clinic changed this Catholic actor’s life  

Aug 23, 2021

By Matt Hadro

Eduardo Verastegui, the producer and star of the film “Bella,” on Saturday recalled a moment where he realized his movie... Read more

Holy-wood: How one priest supports 'truth, beauty and goodness' in film

Mar 9, 2017

The path to priesthood doesn’t often include stops on the sets of soap operas.  Read more

Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr on faith, family, hosting a TV show

Feb 5, 2017

By Carl Kozlowski

Harry Connick Jr. has spent the last 30 years entertaining America as one of Hollywood’s most versatile talents: singer, songwriter,... Read more

Disney Channel same-sex couple episode yields protest

Jan 30, 2014

The Disney Channel's recent decision to air its first TV show episode with a same-sex couple has drawn complaints from... Read more

Mauricio Kuri speaks with CNA on April 25, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Actor admires Mexican martyr’s strong defense of the faith

May 18, 2012

By Peter Zelasko

Mauricio Kuri has come to believe that, like the teenage Mexican martyr he plays in the upcoming film “For Greater... Read more