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Vatican supports Catholic research to improve families and marriages

May 31, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis has backed a project aimed at enhancing interdisciplinary research at Catholic universities in the sphere of family, marriage,... Read more

Mario Draghi at a press conference at the ECB headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Pope Francis appoints former European Central Bank chief to pontifical academy

Jul 10, 2020

Pope Francis appointed the former president of the European Central Bank to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences Friday.  Read more

Change of heart toward money called crucial in trafficking fight

Jul 30, 2014

At a Vatican conference held Tuesday to mark the World Day against Trafficking, a U.S. diplomat emphasized that the scourge... Read more


British woman appointed by Pope to head Pontifical Academy

Apr 12, 2014

Pope Francis has appointed Lady Margaret Scotford Archer as president of a group of scholars dedicated to studying issues in... Read more

Red Light District by Petr Kratochvil (CC0 1.0).

Interfaith leaders launch effort against human trafficking

Mar 19, 2014

Catholic, Anglican, and Muslim leaders have launched an anti-human trafficking network that hopes to eradicate the crime by 2020 through... Read more