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Michael P. Warsaw, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Eternal Word Television Network speaks with the press in this undated file photo.

Appeals court to hear EWTN contraception mandate case Feb. 4

Feb 3, 2015

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will hear oral arguments in a case brought... Read more

"Elderly Lady" by Marea Howse (CC0 1.0).

Assisted living centers defeat HHS mandate in court

Jan 29, 2015

A federal court has permanently barred the Obama administration from enforcing the federal contraception mandate against the group of Evangelical-owned... Read more

Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally in Washington D.C., June 2012.

Court protects Catholic-owned company from HHS mandate

Jan 7, 2015

The federal government cannot force a Catholic-owned Michigan company to provide insurance coverage for sterilization, contraceptives, and drugs that could... Read more

Mother Loraine Maguire and the Little Sisters of the Poor outside the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Little Sisters in court: Don't stop our ministry of serving the dying poor

Dec 8, 2014

By Mary Farrow

The Little Sisters of the Poor asked an appeals court Monday to shield them from the federal contraception mandate, saying... Read more

Ave Maria University.

Mandate revisions not enough - district court grants injunction to Ave Maria

Oct 29, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

A federal court in Florida has granted Ave Maria University preliminary protection from the federal contraception mandate, which the school... Read more

President Barack Obama delivers a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House. Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.

Still doesn't cut it, bishops say on latest mandate tweak

Oct 11, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

Despite another wave of changes to the Obama Administration’s HHS mandate, the U.S. bishops’ conference says that the regulation still... Read more

Catholic health sharing touted as evangelizing alternative to insurance

Oct 8, 2014

By Matt Hadro

The first Catholic health care sharing ministry in the U.S. will promote the “Gospel of Life” in health care, leaders... Read more

Little Sisters of the Poor. Courtesy of the Becket Fund.

Obama Administration moves forward in challenging Little Sisters

Sep 9, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

The Obama Administration has announced that it will continue its legal fight against the Little Sisters of the Poor over... Read more

A couple attends the Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally in Washington, D.C.

Obama admin. drops appeals in three for-profit mandate cases

Sep 4, 2014

Religious freedom advocates are voicing hope as the Obama administration drops its appeal in three lawsuits involving for-profit companies that... Read more

Religious Liberty supporters outside the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. June 26, 2014.

Adjustment to HHS mandate met with initial disappointment

Aug 22, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

Religious groups have voiced concern over the latest set of suggested changes to the federal contraception mandate, while saying they... Read more

Senate rejects bill to end employer conscience protections

Jul 16, 2014

By Matt Hadro

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday rejected a bill that opponents warned would have stripped conscience protections for businesses, drawing a... Read more

Hobby Lobby. Courtesy of the Becket Fund.

Bishop: Hobby Lobby case shows need to fight secularism

Jul 15, 2014

Despite the recent Hobby Lobby court victory, Bishop James D. Conley of Lincoln, Neb. stressed the need for Catholics to... Read more

Supporters hold 'Women for Religious Freedom' signs outside of the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. on March 25, 2014.

Wave of religious freedom rulings follows Supreme Court decision

Jul 2, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

In the days following a Supreme Court ruling upholding religious freedom in the workplace, several lower courts have issued decisions... Read more

Religious leaders support law used in Hobby Lobby ruling

Jul 2, 2014

Religious leaders from several Christian churches and Jewish organizations have reaffirmed their “staunch support” for the federal religious freedom protections... Read more

Hobby Lobby. Photo courtesy of The Becket Fund.

Legal experts: Hobby Lobby ruling may have broad implications

Jul 1, 2014

By Matt Hadro

While the full impact of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Hobby Lobby may not yet be clear, legal scholars... Read more

Christian doctors encouraged but cautious after Court ruling

Jul 1, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

A Christian doctor’s organization celebrated the Supreme Court’s recent religious freedom ruling, while at the same time cautioning that threats... Read more

U.S. Capitol.

Hobby Lobby ruling draws renewed commitment from Congress

Jul 1, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

The Supreme Court’s highly anticipated ruling on the federal contraception mandate has prompted a renewed enthusiasm from lawmakers on both... Read more

Religious Liberty supporters awaiting decisions outside the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington D.C. June 26, 2014.

Hobby Lobby ruling lauded as 'big win for freedom'

Jun 30, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

Religious liberty advocates are applauding a Supreme Court ruling striking down the federal contraception mandate for some for-profit companies, while... Read more

Michael Warsaw at a Religious Freedom Rally in Birmingham, Ala.

EWTN granted emergency relief from contraception mandate

Jun 30, 2014

The EWTN Global Catholic Network has secured temporary emergency relief against the federal contraception mandate one day before it would... Read more

US. Supreme Court.

Supreme Court upholds religious freedom for Hobby Lobby

Jun 30, 2014

On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby and similar employers cannot be forced to comply with... Read more