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Gold reliquairies containing the chin and tongue of St. Anthony of Padua in the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua in Italy.

The opening of St. Anthony’s tomb and the ‘Feast of the Tongue’

Jun 13, 2024

By Jonah McKeown

St. Anthony’s feast day is today, June 13, but you may not be aware that there’s another important day of... Read more

The purported skull of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Italian town of Priverno.

St. Thomas Aquinas’ relics carried in procession for 750th anniversary of his death

Mar 7, 2024

By Courtney Mares

Bishop Mariano Crociata led the procession to honor the medieval philosopher and theologian widely considered one of the greatest thinkers... Read more

A canon of Saint Peter elevates the relic of the Holy Lance one last time before returning it to its chapel on Feb. 24, 2024.

Vatican unveils the Holy Lance: a solemn tribute to soldier of faith St. Longinus

Mar 1, 2024

By Jacob Stein

The Holy Lance, also known as the Lance of Longinus, was known in Christian tradition as the weapon believed to... Read more

The Titulus Crucis, the title panel of the True Cross on which Jesus was crucified. Written in Latin and Greek, it says "Jesus the Nazarene King of the Jews."

Over 100 relics of Christ, Holy Family, saints to be displayed at New Jersey parish

Feb 21, 2024

By Tyler Arnold

An exhibit that includes more than 100 relics of Jesus Christ, the Holy Family, and numerous saints will be exhibited... Read more

Netflix highlights the fire at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in France in 2019 in which the crown of thorns that the Roman soldiers placed on the Lord’s head was almost lost in a new series called “Mysteries of the Faith.”

Did you know that Netflix has a series on Catholic relics called ‘Mysteries of the Faith’?

Feb 4, 2024

By Andrés Henríquez

“Mysteries of Faith” is a Netflix series that explores the history and meaning of the relics of the saints and... Read more

Antonia Salzano, Carlo Acutis' mother, and Bishop David O'Connell speak to schoolchildren at the blessing of the Carlo Acutis shrine at St. Dominic Parish in Brick, New Jersey. Oct 1, 2023.

Carlo Acutis’ mother places his first-class relic in new diocesan shrine in New Jersey

Oct 4, 2023

By Sharon Delaney

Blessed Carlo Acutis is on his way to becoming the first millennial saint of the Catholic Church, and his mother... Read more

The statue of St. Matthew above the crypt altar beneath the cathedral of Salerno, Italy.

Where is St. Matthew? A visit to his tomb

Sep 21, 2023

By Jonah McKeown

The fascinating story of where the Gospel writer’s body lies today takes us back into history. Read more

A candle of St. Jude

Ancient relic of St. Jude the Apostle to tour US beginning in September 

Aug 30, 2023

By Daniel Payne

The arm of St. Jude, the patron of “lost causes” and desperate situations, will make a nine-month tour through the... Read more

St. Mary Magdalene relic at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist of the Florentines.

In Rome, relic of St. Mary Magdalene’s foot points way to the Vatican

Jul 22, 2023

By Hannah Brockhaus

Lost for centuries, the relic was rediscovered in 2000 and is now displayed for veneration at the Basilica of St.... Read more


Skull of St. Thomas Aquinas unveiled for 700th anniversary of his canonization

Jan 28, 2023

By Francesca Pollio Fenton

The skull of St. Thomas Aquinas has arrived at the Dominican Convent of Toulouse, France, and placed in a new... Read more

A fragment on the True Cross on which Jesus was condemned to death

The relics St. Helena brought to Rome from the Holy Land

Aug 18, 2022

By Hannah Brockhaus

The mother of Constantine the Great, St. Helena, is believed to have restored many sites in the Holy Land, where... Read more

Art detective Arthur Brand and the reliquary that turned up on his doorstep.

Thieves return relic of Precious Blood of Jesus stolen from medieval church

Jul 23, 2022

By Zelda Caldwell

It seems that once the culprits discovered that the box contained a relic of Jesus, they wanted nothing to do... Read more

A reliquary containing relics of Blessed Carlo Acutis at the Church of Sant'Angela Merici in Rome, Oct 11, 2021.

A relic of Blessed Carlo Acutis’ heart is coming to New York

Mar 18, 2022

By Courtney Mares

The relic will be brought from Italy to New York City on April 3. Read more

The relic of the holy cloak of St. Joseph at the Basilica of St. Joseph al Trionfale in Rome.

For the Year of St. Joseph, a look at the relic of his holy cloak in Rome

Dec 7, 2021

By Hannah Brockhaus

Tradition holds that St. Jerome brought the mantle from the Holy Land. Read more

St. Anthony's Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA, with the largest collection of relics outside Rome.

The strange tale of 5,000 relics finding a home in a Pittsburgh chapel

Oct 30, 2021

By Adelaide Mena

Nestled in a sleepy neighborhood in the hills rising over Pittsburgh lies a small chapel. Inside St. Anthony’s Chapel lies... Read more

An image of Blessed Paul Yun Ji-chung and 123 companions, who were beatified Aug. 16, 2014.

Relics of first Korean Catholic martyrs identified with DNA testing

Sep 1, 2021

By Courtney Mares

The martyrs were among the first of thousands of Catholics to be tortured and executed. Read more

The chapel of the Holy Chalice in the cathedral of Valencia. Credit: Diego Delso via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.0).

Valencia archdiocese celebrates Jubilee Year of the Holy Chalice 

Aug 24, 2021

By Blanca Ruiz

The Archdiocese of Valencia conserves the relic of the Holy Chalice, believed to be that used by Christ at the... Read more

St. Albert Chmielowski.

Thief returns relics of Polish Catholic saint who inspired Pope John Paul II

Jun 18, 2021

By CNA Staff

The perpetrator apologized for stealing the relics of St. Albert Chmielowski. Read more

The San Galgano reliquary, stolen in 1989.

Stolen 14th-century reliquary found in police raid of art collector’s home in Sicily

May 5, 2021

By Courtney Mares

Barbara Jatta, director of the Vatican Museums, hailed the rediscovery of the reliquary as “a nearly unprecedented find.” Read more

Skulls identified as those of the Welsh Catholic martyrs Philip Evans and John Lloyd

Catholic martyrs’ bones identified almost 150 years after discovery in an attic

Apr 8, 2021

Two skulls were discovered in an attic in Wales in 1878. Researchers believe they have now identified them as belonging... Read more