Birth control harmful effects

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What to know about contraceptives, breast cancer risk, and ‘informed choice’

Mar 23, 2023

By Kevin J. Jones

Some forms of contraceptive use have “a significant increase in risk of breast cancer,” a new study says. Read more


Church and contraception: Experts expose errors in Pontifical Academy for Life book

Sep 27, 2022

By CNA Staff

Nine international experts have pointed out in an open letter the serious errors contained in a book published a few... Read more

Research finds link between oral contraception, multiple sclerosis

Mar 6, 2014

In a new study, researchers analyzed the data found in women's health records over four years, discovering a connection between... Read more

Dr. Pia de Solenni, Ethicist and Moral Theologian.

Panelists warn of birth control's threats to health, minorities

Jun 5, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Experts in medicine, theology and minority issues warned that although the birth control pill is widely used by women in... Read more