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Shortage of wheat flour means no more Communion hosts in Cuba

Nov 3, 2022

By CNA Staff

“We have been working with the little flour that was left and what was in reserve has already run out,”... Read more

President Joe Biden speaks during the Phoenix Awards Dinner at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 1, 2022.

New EWTN poll: Most Catholics don’t want Biden to run for a second term

Oct 3, 2022

By Matthew Bunson

The poll shows Biden continues to face challenges in garnering support among Catholic voters as the country prepares for the... Read more


Will Biden's Inflation Reduction Act work? Here's what cash-strapped families need to know

Aug 10, 2022

By Edie Heipel

The Inflation Reduction Act promises Americans relief from rising prices, but the massive $485 billion bill has drawn criticism from... Read more

Workers build Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Joseph in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England. Courtesy of Fr. Stewart Foster.

How the Catholic Church helped unemployed laborers in the 1920s

Sep 7, 2020

The 1920s are known as the “Roaring Twenties” because they were years of economic growth and rising prosperity. But while... Read more

The presentation of Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones at the Vatican, May 17, 2018.

Vatican offices urge re-calibration of financial markets

May 17, 2018

By Elise Harris

Two Vatican offices called Thursday for the development of new forms of economy and finance with  regulations directed to the... Read more

In Venezuela, garbage dumps have become places to eat

May 11, 2017

Garbage dumps have become “a regular place for people to eat” in Venezuela, says a local priest lamenting the nation's... Read more

Violence during protests in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Catholics face backlash for opposing government

Feb 23, 2017

After speaking against alleged government misconduct, human rights abuses and delay of free elections, Catholic churches and clergy around Venezuela... Read more

Greece in crisis – and what Catholics are doing to help

Aug 6, 2015

By Elise Harris

As Greece's financial and political situation reaches a fever pitch in complexity, Caritas has stepped up and is offering help... Read more

Pope Francis begins his popemobile tour of the May 15, 2013 general audience in St. Peter's Square.

'Money has to serve, not rule!' Pope tells new ambassadors

May 16, 2013

Pope Francis told the new ambassadors to the Holy See from Kyrgyzstan, Antigua and Barbuda, Luxembourg and Botswana to use... Read more

Markets Watch Developments In Fiscal Cliff Negotiations.

Needs of the poor emphasized as fiscal cliff looms

Dec 29, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

With just days left in 2012, advocates for the poor are asking elected officials to avert the fiscal cliff and... Read more

Union members rally Dec. 11, 2012 at the Michigan State Capitol to protest a vote on Right-to-Work legislation.

Catholics see two sides to Michigan's new union limits

Dec 14, 2012

By Kevin J. Jones

Catholic commentators have weighed in on both sides of the controversial “right to work” labor bill in the longtime union... Read more

Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr of Cincinnati delivers a homily at the tomb of St. Peter in Feb. 2012. CNA File Photo.

Cincinnati Catholic charities stress public-private partnership

Dec 6, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Leaders of 11 Catholic human services providers from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are calling on lawmakers to protect the poor... Read more

Fr. Robert Sirico, President of Acton Institue and author, speaks with CNA on Nov. 28, 2012, in Rome.

Fixing economic crisis requires financial and moral truth, priest says

Nov 29, 2012

The solution to the ongoing economic troubles is to adopt a worldview that combines both economic and moral truths, Father... Read more

President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney shake hands after the Presidential Debate at the University of Denver on October 3, 2012.

Presidential debate reflects Catholic concerns over economy

Oct 4, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Economic issues dominated the discussion at the first presidential debate of the election season, reflecting the widespread concern among Catholics,... Read more

Catholic speaker Peter Droege.

Speaker will connect national debt, anti-family hostility

Oct 4, 2012

A Denver-area Catholic commentator sees a connection between the national debt crisis and the “growing hostility to faith, family and... Read more


Charity reports increase in poverty, inequality in Spain

Sep 21, 2012

Catholic charity Caritas' chapter in Spain has issued a new report showing that poverty, inequality and social injustice are on... Read more

The 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Democratic convention emphasizes economy, contraception mandate

Sep 7, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Providing economic security for the middle class and access to free contraception as a key part of women’s health care... Read more

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks Aug. 30, 2012 at the convention in Tampa, Fla.

Romney says economic plan will bring relief to families

Aug 31, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that America’s backbone of family, community and faith will be reinforced by initiatives to... Read more


Spanish politicians implore Virgin Mary's help amid economic crisis

Aug 16, 2012

Various Spanish political leaders looked to the Virgin Mary on the Feast of the Assumption Aug. 15 to ask for... Read more

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (L) greet supporters during a campaign event at the Waukesha Expo Center on August 12, 2012 in Waukesha, Wis.

Network invitation to spend day with poor only applies to Romney

Aug 15, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

A Catholic social justice lobby that describes itself as “a progressive voice within the Catholic community” is asking Republican presidential... Read more