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Cardinal Louis Raphaël Sako speaks with Rody Sher of ACI MENA.

Chaldean patriarch urges preservation of rights for Iraq’s diverse communities

Mar 12, 2024

By Georgena Habbaba

As the 21st anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime approaches, Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako has called for a... Read more

Cardinal Louis Raphaël Sako

Iraq’s president revokes recognition of Catholic leader 

Jul 17, 2023

By Peter Pinedo

Cardinal Louis Sako, patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, announced Saturday that he is withdrawing from his seat in Baghdad. Read more

Iraqi Cardinal Louis Raphaël Sako speaks at the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 7, 2021.

Cardinal Sako says Pope Francis’ historic visit changed Iraq

Sep 7, 2021

By CNA Staff

He said that after the papal visit, ‘something has changed in the streets.’ Read more

Cardinal Louis Raphaël I Sako, leader of the Chaldean Catholic Church.

Chaldean Patriarchate drops ‘Babylon’ from official title

Aug 26, 2021

By CNA Staff

The Synod of the Chaldean Catholic Church backed the change unanimously. Read more

A Marian statue is returned to St. Adday church in Karemlesh, Iraq, March 19, 2021. Photo ourtesy Fr. Thabet Habeb.

Marian statue, once desecrated by Islamic State, returns to Iraqi parish

Mar 29, 2021

A statue of the Virgin Mary that had been desecrated by the Islamic State but was later restored has been... Read more

Pope Francis says Mass at the Chaldean Catholic Cathedral of St. Joseph in Baghdad March 6, 2021. Credit: Vatican Media.

Pope Francis to Chaldean Catholics: ‘Love is our strength’

Mar 6, 2021

By Hannah Brockhaus

At Mass in Baghdad on Saturday, Pope Francis told Iraqi Christians that no matter what the world thinks, love is... Read more

The door of St. Peter's Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in El Cajon, Ca.

Catholic cathedral vandalized in California with 'white power,' 'BLM,' and swastikas

Sep 26, 2020

A Catholic cathedral in California was defaced overnight, with swastikas, an upside-down cross, and other messages spray-painted on the church’s... Read more

Iraqi protesters run from tear gas fired by security forces at Baghdad's Khallani square during ongoing anti-government demonstrations, Nov. 12, 2019.

Chaldean patriarch calls for fasting, prayer amid Iraq protests

Nov 12, 2019

By Courtney Mares

The Chaldean patriarch has called for three days of fasting and prayer “for an end to the chaos and violence... Read more

Customs and Border Protection Revenue Division sign

Chaldean Catholic dies in Iraq after U.S. deportation

Aug 9, 2019

By Matt Hadro

Christian leaders and local legislators have mourned the death of a Chaldean Christian who had been deported to Iraq by... Read more

Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako.

Iraqi patriarch to Pope Francis: Chaldean Church is 'a church of martyrs'

Aug 6, 2019

By Hannah Brockhaus

The Chaldean Catholic Church is a Church of martyrs, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako of Babylon told Pope Francis this week.  Read more

Louis Raphael I Sako, Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon, speaks at an Aid to the Church in Need press conference in Rome, Sept. 28, 2017.

Patriarch Sako will be Chaldean Catholics' first voting cardinal

Jun 27, 2018

By Hannah Brockhaus

Referencing being nominated a cardinal, sometimes called “princes of the Church,” Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of Babylon said... Read more

Pope Francis meets at the Vatican with members of the Synod of the Chaldean Catholic Church, Oct. 5, 2017.

Bishop appointed for Canada's Chaldean eparchy

Oct 31, 2017

Bishop Bawai Soro was on Tuesday appointed Bishop of the Chaldean Eparchy of Mar Addai of Toronto, which serves Canada's... Read more

Pope Francis greets pilgrims in St. Peter's Square during the Wednesday general audience on May 28, 2014.

Amid fresh unrest, all Iraqis must work for unity, Pope says

Oct 5, 2017

By Elise Harris

As the Chaldean Catholic Church begins their annual synod, Pope Francis kicked the meeting off by telling leaders of the... Read more

Ordinations in Ankawa.

Pope names new bishop for Chaldean eparchy of San Diego

Aug 9, 2017

By Elise Harris

The Vatican announced Wednesday that Pope Francis has named Bishop Emanuel Hana Shaleta as head of the eparchy of Saint... Read more

Judge halts deportations of Chaldean Christians to Iraq

Jun 23, 2017

By Matt Hadro

A district court judge on Thursday halted the deportation of more than 100 Iraqis, including many Chaldean Christians, who were... Read more

As Iraqi Christians await deportation, bishop points to suffering Body of Christ

Jun 15, 2017

By Matt Hadro

Advocates for Chaldean Christians detained by federal immigration enforcement are in a race against time to halt their deportation back... Read more

Immigration arrests stun Detroit's Chaldean Catholics

Jun 12, 2017

By Matt Hadro

Dozens of Chaldean Christians were arrested by federal immigration officials over the weekend in the Detroit metropolitan area, leaving the... Read more

An internally displaced Iraqi Christian family take shelter at the Syriac Catholic Mrtshmony Shrine in Erbil.

Iraqi Christians endure despite persecution, Chaldean bishop says

Jun 9, 2017

By Matt Hadro

Iraq’s Christians have suffered persecution for centuries, yet their faith has survived and the community will remain, provided their material... Read more

Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni, who was killed for the faith June 3, 2007 in Mosul, is seen with a group of young adults. Photo courtesy of Aid to the Church in Need.

This priest and three companions were killed for the faith in Iraq

Jun 9, 2017

By Hannah Brockhaus

When Fr. Ragheed Aziz Ganni was confronted by armed men after celebrating the Eucharist at his Chaldean Catholic parish in... Read more

A Muslim chaplain prays during the month of Ramadan.

As Ramadan begins, Chaldean patriarch prays for Iraqi Muslims

Jun 8, 2016

Iraqi Muslims celebrating Ramadan will have the prayers of Chaldean Catholics, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako of Babylon has said.  Read more