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Organizations again labeled 'hate groups' over beliefs on marriage

The Southern Poverty Law Center has again named mainstream organizations to its list of “hate groups” in the 2020 publication... Read more

The office of the Taoiseach in Dublin, Ireland.

Nurses petition Irish govenment on freedom of conscience

Irish nurses and midwives have called on the government to protect their freedom of conscience following the legalization of abortion... Read more

How will palliative care fare in Canada?

A member for Canadian Physicians for Life says requiring provision of assisted suicide by Catholic hospitals and by hospices will... Read more

Irish physicians complain they've been ignored by health minister on abortion

Some 640 general practitioners in the Republic of Ireland have signed a petition saying their concerns have not been listened... Read more

Lack of safeguards in Irish abortion bill 'an affront to conscience'

The Irish bishops on Friday lamented that the draft bill to legalize abortion in the Republic would require pro-life heathcare... Read more

Christian doctor in England denied work because of his traditional gender beliefs

Dr. David Mackereth, a Reformed Baptist who has worked for 26 years at the National Health Service, has said he... Read more

Can midwives be pro-life? Apparently not in Sweden.

A Swedish midwife who refused to perform abortions has lost another court decision, but her supporters say the court neglected... Read more

Doctors who object to abortion need more legal protections, bishops say

Objectors to abortion need stronger conscience protections in federal law, the U.S. bishops have said in a letter to Congress... Read more

The Cuban flag.

Everything can be taken from you – except your conscience, says former political prisoner

Everyone must be true to their own conscience, a religious freedom advocate and former political prisoner told a gala audience... Read more

Spanish court recognizes pharmacists' conscience rights

Spain's Constitional Court has issued a ruling protecting the conscience rights of pharmacists who decline to sell the morning after... Read more

How a baker in Northern Ireland is standing up for faith in the workplace

After a legal ruling deemed a bakery in Northern Ireland to have discriminated against a gay customer, the bakery’s owners... Read more

US Capitol at sunset.

Bishops push for Congress to support conscience rights in health care act

Just because you may oppose abortion doesn’t mean you should be denied comprehensive health care coverage, according to Archbishop William... Read more

Barronnelle Stutzman, whose business and home are threatened after she declined to arrange flowers for a same-sex wedding.

Grandmother, florist may lose her business and home for declining gay wedding

If you walk into Barronelle Stutzman’s floral business, you’re probably going to get a hug. She puts her heart into... Read more

Marquette University.

Catholic profs told to report opposition to 'gay marriage' as harassment

An anti-harassment training presentation at a Catholic college encourages employees to report critics of “gay marriage” – and could reflect... Read more