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Connecticut legislature considers ending religious exemptions for vaccines

The Connecticut House of Representatives has advanced a bill to end the religious exemption from childhood vaccine requirements, beginning in... Read more

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How Catholics can speak up for more ethical vaccines

“While numerous ecclesial and moral authorities have indicated that Catholics may morally justify receiving these vaccines, a concern is that... Read more

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Catholic scientists, journalists create COVID-19 info group

An international group of Catholic media professionals and scientists have founded a new organization to help counter misinformation about the... Read more

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Theologian: Catholics must also consider the 'justice' of COVID-19 vaccine

Catholic bishops and prominent theologians and ethicists say that although there is not an obligation to receive a COVID vaccine,... Read more

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas.

Archbishop Naumann: COVID-19 vaccine morally licit, but not obligatory for Catholics

Catholics are not morally obliged to take the coronavirus vaccine and should appeal to the Holy Spirit for wisdom, Archbishop... Read more


Vatican says COVID-19 vaccines ‘morally acceptable’ when no alternatives are available

The Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith stated Monday that it is “morally acceptable” to receive COVID-19 vaccines produced... Read more

Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville delivers the St. Thomas Day Lecture at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paul, Calif., Jan. 28, 2019. Photo courtesy of TAC.

Bishop Flores affirms COVID vaccines are 'morally permissible'

In a December 8 letter to his diocese, Bishop Daniel Flores said that he wants “to assure Catholics that it... Read more

A pilgrim from Russia wears a mask and uses hand sanitizer in front of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican March 6, 2020.

Vatican City to start coronavirus vaccinations in January

Vatican City will begin to offer coronavirus vaccinations in January, according to the Vatican director of health and hygiene.   Read more

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Catholic US bishops approve use of COVID-19 vaccines with 'remote connection' to abortion

The United States bishops' conference has said that Catholics can take two of the three available COVID-19 vaccines, even though... Read more

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Vatican diplomat: COVID-19 vaccines must be accessible to all

A Vatican diplomat has called for a coordinated rollout of COVID-19 vaccines which ensures that the poor are not left... Read more

English bishops say AstraZeneca’s vaccine may be received without sin

A coronavirus vaccine developed from cell-lines originating from the cells of an unborn child who was aborted in 1983 can... Read more

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Should prisoners be first, or last in line for COVID vaccine?

As public officials debate whether prison populations should be among the first or last to receive a COVID vaccine, ethicists... Read more

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Debate continues over who should get new COVID vaccines first

A federal health advisory committee proposed on Tuesday that health care workers and long-term care facility residents should be the... Read more

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What connection does Moderna’s vaccine have to aborted fetal tissue? 

Amid debate over the ethics of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate under development by Moderna, a Catholic microbiologist told CNA that... Read more

Catholics thank drug company for switching to ethical polio vaccine

Catholic leaders in the U.S. have welcomed the news that one of the world’s biggest vaccine producers has decided to... Read more

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Questions surround possibility of mandatory coronavirus vaccinations

With more than 1,000 deaths a day still being registered in the United States, coronavirus vaccines are being developed, and... Read more

Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney.

Catholic Aussie archbishop calls for ethical coronavirus vaccine

The Archbishop of Sydney, Australia, has called on the country’s government to fund an ethical coronavirus vaccine not derived from... Read more

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Coronavirus, vaccines, and Catholic ethics

Production for a new coronavirus vaccine is speeding along, but ethical questions remain about its development, and who should receive it... Read more

English Catholic bishops: Church backs vaccination to protect the most vulnerable

The Catholic Church supports vaccination because it helps to protect society’s most vulnerable people, bishops in England said Thursday.  Read more

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Is the coronavirus vaccine made from fetal cell lines?

As coronavirus vaccine prototypes move closer to testing and approval, some Catholics are debating the ethical sources behind a leading... Read more