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Senator Ben Sasse, who introduced the resolution in the Senate, pictured at the National Press Club, Oct. 2018.

Sasse resolution: Church beliefs should not jeopardize tax-exempt status

Oct 17, 2019

By Matt Hadro

One U.S. senator is looking to bring up a vote on protecting churches from attempts to police their beliefs, after... Read more

Bishop Ed Peecher of the Chicago Embassy Church.

Threats to tax exemption could ruin Chicago pastor's ministry

Dec 15, 2016

By Matt Hadro

As secularists look to abolish a religious tax exemption, a pastor whose life is dedicated to serving those in need... Read more

The US Capitol building.

What a proposed US bill on religious liberty would and would not protect

Jul 16, 2015

By Matt Hadro

With same-sex marriage now legal throughout the United States, some members of Congress are trying to protect the religious rights... Read more

Here’s what would happen if America's Catholic outreach disappeared

Jul 14, 2015

By Mary Farrow

A few months ago, Erin McCroy was walking the streets of Denver with Murphy, a 20-something missionary with Christ in... Read more