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New AI app sparks baby fever, but will it lead to more child commodification?

Jul 31, 2023

By Kylie Gallegos

Remini’s AI imagery has created excitement about parenthood in younger users, but one expert cautions that its approach could be... Read more

Gene editing in vitro genetic CRISPR genome engineering medical biotechnology health care concept with a fertilized human egg embryo and a group of dividing cells as a 3D illustration. Via Shutterstoc

First British baby with DNA from three people is born after IVF procedure

May 10, 2023

By Tyler Arnold

The first baby born in the U.K. with DNA from three parents was born after doctors performed a revolutionary IVF... Read more

Gene editing in vitro genetic CRISPR genome engineering medical biotechnology health care concept with a fertilized human egg embryo and a group of dividing cells as a 3D illustration. Via Shutterstoc

Surprising number of Americans would screen embryos for intellectual aptitude, survey says

Feb 17, 2023

By Kevin J. Jones

A significant minority of Americans would favor genetic screening of embryos simply to boost their child’s chance to attend an... Read more

Archbishop Éric de Moulins-Beaufort. Credit: Diocèse de Reims.

Catholic archbishop: With new law, foundation of French bioethics ‘has been erased’

Jun 30, 2021

By Courtney Mares

The new law gives single women and lesbian couples access to state-sponsored medically assisted reproduction. Read more

French flags. Public domain.

Bishops urge French Catholics to pray and fast as bioethics bill returns to Senate

Jan 14, 2021

By Courtney Mares

Bishops in France are asking Catholics to pray and fast for the next four Fridays for a respect for human... Read more

The Palais Bourbon, the seat of the National Assembly, in Paris.

French archbishop criticizes push to pass bioethics law amid pandemic

Jul 10, 2020

By Hannah Brockhaus

The archbishop of Paris has criticized the French parliament’s decision to debate a controversial bioethics bill which would increase access to... Read more

French Senate in June, 2019.

French Senate passes controversial IVF bill

Jan 25, 2020

The French Senate this week passed a bill that would allow access to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for single women and... Read more

French Senate in June, 2019.

French Senate debates IVF law after thousands protest in Paris streets

Jan 21, 2020

By Courtney Mares

Debate began on a bioethics bill in the French Senate Tuesday after tens of thousands of people marched through the... Read more

Technician does control check of the in vitro fertilization process using a microscope. Via Shutterstock

'Fertility fraud' scandals raise broader questions about IVF, ethicist says

Aug 21, 2019

By Christine Rousselle

Lawmakers in three states have passed laws to criminalize “fertility fraud” following a series of scandals in which fertility doctors... Read more

A dewar with liquid nitrogen straws with frozen embryos and egg cells.

Embryonic IQ tests could ‘screen’ for less intelligent children, firm says

Nov 22, 2018

By Christine Rousselle

A company claims to have developed a new test that will permit parents to test and screen embryos for intelligence... Read more

UK bill seeks to protect conscientious objection for medical practitioners

Mar 19, 2018

A bill in the British Parliament would clarify the rights of conscientious objection for medical professionals, protecting them from participating... Read more

Ethicist: IVF mix-up shows danger of artificial reproduction

Aug 16, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

The accidental swapping of children conceived through IVF procedures before implantation, which recently occurred in Italy, points to the moral... Read more

Dr. Carlo Bellieni, director of the neonatal unit at Siena University Hospital in Siena, Italy.

Doctor charges governments with ignoring causes of infertility

Dec 2, 2012

An Italian doctor who specializes in treating newborns says governments are not working to prevent infertility because of financial reasons.  Read more

Fr Renzo Pegoraro, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy for Life, speaks to CNA on Feb. 23, 2012

Vatican workshop focuses on ethical treatment of infertility

Feb 23, 2012

The Pontifical Academy for Life is hosting a one-day workshop on treating infertility in an ethical way. Read more