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Survey shows more Americans believe abortion is ‘morally acceptable’ than ‘morally wrong’

Jun 11, 2021

By Christine Rousselle

A new Gallup poll reveals, for the first time in two decades of surveys, more Americans believe abortion “morally acceptable”... Read more

Americans split on morality of abortion; birth control remains widely accepted

Jun 4, 2019

A narrow majority of Americans now consider abortion “morally unacceptable,” while less than 10% disapprove of birth control, a new... Read more

St. Mary's historic church in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

‘Nones’ rise amid declining church attendance, survey shows

Apr 18, 2019

Church membership in the United States has dropped considerably in the last two decades, and the number of people who... Read more

Catholics attending Mass. Stock photo/Shutterstock

U.S. Catholics losing trust in clergy, survey finds

Jan 11, 2019

Trust in the clergy has declined sharply over the last year, a new Gallup poll shows. Only 31 percent of... Read more

Pope Francis at the General Audience address in St. Peter's Square, June 24, 2015.

Is the Pope's challenge to America having an anti-Francis effect?

Jul 24, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

Most Americans have a favorable view of Pope Francis, but an apparent decline in their numbers may be due to... Read more