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David Daleiden.

Court rules Daleiden's undercover videos caused 'substantial harm' to Planned Parenthood

Nov 15, 2019

A pro-life organization said that “justice was not done,” after federal court found that pro-life advocate David Daleiden’s Center for... Read more

The US Supreme Court building.

SCOTUS won't hear Planned Parenthood investigators' First Amendment claims

Apr 4, 2019

Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against a pro-life group that conducted undercover investigations into possible lawbreaking in the abortion industry may proceed,... Read more

Don’t use taxpayer money to buy aborted baby parts, pro-life investigators say

Sep 11, 2018

Federal research agencies’ purchase of fetal tissue and body parts from a company under investigation for illegally selling them has... Read more

Companies admit illegal fetal tissue sales, end California operations. Is Planned Parenthood next?

Dec 12, 2017

By Kevin J. Jones

The trade in fetal tissue from aborted babies proved costly for two bioscience companies who will admit fault, cease California... Read more

The Supreme Court of the United States.

Planned Parenthood investigators appeal case to US Supreme Court

Aug 8, 2017

By Matt Hadro

David Daleiden, the undercover journalist behind the 2015 Planned Parenthood videos, has appealed to the US Supreme Court for the... Read more

Calif. court drops 14 charges against Planned Parenthood investigator

Jun 22, 2017

By Matt Hadro

A California court on Wednesday dismissed 14 of 15 criminal charges against an undercover journalist behind the video exposé of... Read more

New video shows graphic discussion of aborted baby parts

May 25, 2017

Preview footage released recently by the Center for Medical Progress appears to show participants at a national abortion convention casually... Read more

Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood investigators reject 'bogus' felony charges

Mar 29, 2017

The undercover journalists whose work appeared to implicate Planned Parenthood officials in the illegal sale of unborn baby body parts... Read more

What happens when babies survive abortion? A doctor's alarming response

Mar 29, 2017

By Matt Hadro

A new undercover video shows an Arizona abortion clinic doctor saying her facility's treatment of babies who show “signs of... Read more

The US capitol building.

Democrats, pro-lifers spar over Planned Parenthood investigation

Dec 8, 2016

By Matt Hadro

Following Democratic claims that a House panel investigating Planned Parenthood has found no wrongdoing, pro-life leaders have fired back that... Read more

For David Daleiden, Soros money shows Planned Parenthood in a panic

Aug 26, 2016

By Kevin J. Jones

A leaked grant report from the Open Societies Foundation seems to show Planned Parenthood and its allies in a panicked... Read more

Judge drops charge against Planned Parenthood investigator

Jun 14, 2016

By Matt Hadro

A county court on Tuesday dismissed a misdemeanor charge against the man responsible for undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood, although... Read more

Planned Parenthood investigator protected as undercover journalist, lawyer says

Jan 27, 2016

By Matt Hadro

The Planned Parenthood investigators indicted by a Houston grand jury on Monday were not breaking the law as they are... Read more

An unborn baby at 20 weeks.

UPDATED: Grand jury indicts leaders behind undercover Planned Parenthood videos

Jan 25, 2016

By Matt Hadro

A Houston grand jury on Monday indicted the leaders behind the undercover videos which exposed Planned Parenthood’s role in offering... Read more

Office Depot apologizes after claiming pro-life flier was 'hate material'

Sep 16, 2015

Office Depot officials have apologized to a pro-life Catholic woman in Illinois after their store refused to print her pro-life... Read more

Planned Parenthood feared bad press over alleged selling of baby parts

Sep 15, 2015

The tenth video from a pro-life group investigating whether abortion providers like Planned Parenthood are illegally selling fetal tissue shows... Read more

Planned Parenthood Federation of America CEO Cecile Richards speaks during a rally in support of the organization.

Planned Parenthood's CEO validates suspicions, advocacy group says

Sep 1, 2015

Under fire after a series of recent sting videos, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s (PPFA) CEO Cecile Richards wrote a... Read more


A tech company may have received whole fetuses for tissue harvesting

Aug 26, 2015

By Matt Hadro

Is a fetal tissue supplier receiving whole fetuses from abortion clinics? That’s what one citizen journalist group claims from video... Read more

For Bishop Stika, Planned Parenthood videos show need to cherish humanity first

Aug 10, 2015

The videos of Planned Parenthood officials' involvement in the harvesting of organs from recently aborted babies shows an unadorned evil,... Read more

An unborn baby at 20 weeks.

Undercover reports on fetal body parts trade face legal hurdles

Aug 3, 2015

A citizen journalism group investigating abortion clinics’ procurement of organs and tissue from unborn babies has pledged to contest a... Read more