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Bishop Robert Barron speaks to tens of thousands of young people at a World Youth Day gathering in Lisbon, Portugal, Aug. 2, 2023.

Bishop Barron: As I leave for the Synod on Synodality

Oct 3, 2023

By Bishop Robert Barron

Bishop Robert Barron wrote a message to his flock before leaving for Rome for the Synod on Synodality, which will... Read more


Bishop Barron, U.S. bishops condemn FDA’s approval of first OTC birth control pill

Jul 14, 2023

By Peter Pinedo

The U.S. bishops on Thursday condemned the FDA’s approval of the first over-the-counter oral contraceptive “Opill.” Read more

Priest celebrating the traditional Latin Mass at the church of St Pancratius, Rome

Bishop Barron: Latin Mass is here to stay, but new locations to be chosen

Feb 14, 2023

By Joe Bukuras

“Bishop Robert Barron ... has no intention of eliminating the celebration of the Mass in this form in the Diocese... Read more

Bishop Robert Barron spoke out against Minnesota's new abortion law after it passed Jan. 31, 2023.

Bishop Barron says Minnesota’s new abortion law is ‘the worst kind of barbarism’

Feb 2, 2023

By Joe Bukuras

“I want to share with you my anger, my frustration over this terrible law that was just signed by the... Read more

Bishop Robert Barron. Courtesy of DeChant-Hughes Public Relations.

Bishop Barron: Don’t water down Christianity

Jan 3, 2018

Speaking to some 8,000 people at a Catholic leadership conference, Bishop Robert Barron said on Tuesday that trust in the... Read more

Bishop Robert Barron (file photo).

In talk at Facebook, Bishop Barron tackles how to debate religion

Sep 19, 2017

People need to learn how to argue better on the internet, especially about religion, Catholic media personality and Los Angeles... Read more

Photo by Karl Fredrickson via Unsplash.

Bishop Barron: How to evangelize the 'nones'

Jul 4, 2017

By Mary Farrow

The way we evangelize should grab the world by the shoulders and shake it out of its apathy, Bishop Robert... Read more

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LA Dodgers host first-ever 'Catholic Night'

Sep 29, 2016

On Sept. 2, Dodger Stadium served as the center of a massive Venn diagram of local Catholics and lifelong fans... Read more

Our Lady Queen of Angels.

Marian procession to mark Los Angeles' 235th birthday

Aug 18, 2016

Later this month, a Marian Procession and Votive Mass will help celebrate the 235th anniversary of the city of Los... Read more

Bishop Robert Barron, auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles.

Bishop Robert Barron to academics: debate Ross Douthat, don't dodge him

Oct 31, 2015

Bishop Robert Barron has weighed in amid a media controversy after the Synod on the Family, saying some academic critics... Read more

Bishop Robert Barron (File photo).

Why Pope Francis is here, according to Bishop Robert Barron

Sep 23, 2015

Chatter over politics – and whether or not Pope Francis is a communist – has taken center stage since he... Read more