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Takashi Nagai

This Catholic doctor lost everything in the Nagasaki bombing. Except faith, hope, and love.

Feb 22, 2022

By Kevin J. Jones

Dr. Takashi Nagai’s work to help survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bombing and to console his devastated Japanese Catholic community... Read more


Questions in community: New York Encounter seeks truth in a changing world

Feb 2, 2022

By Kevin J. Jones

The search for truth in a polarized, pandemic-struck world will be the focus of myriad conversation and artistic events at... Read more

NY Encounter to explore 'When Reality Hits'

Feb 10, 2021

By Perry West

Communion and Liberation is preparing for its 13th annual New York Encounter to help participants process and grow from the... Read more


Can fear be overcome? A cultural event explores the question

Jan 7, 2016

By Mary Farrow

It’s not hard to think of a myriad of reasons why people today might be afraid.  Read more