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Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil: 'I have witnessed the power of prayer'

Nov 6, 2018

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, the priest who was kidnapped in 2016 and held captive for 18 months by terrorists in Yemen,... Read more

Father Tom Uzhunnalil meets with Pope Francis in Vatican City on Sept. 13, 2017.

Fr. Tom to Pope Francis: I offered my suffering for you and the Church

Sep 13, 2017

By Elise Harris

Just one day after being released from 18 months of captivity, Indian priest Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil shared an emotional meeting... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

Yemeni minister: Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil is still alive

Jul 13, 2017

By Elise Harris

After nearly a year since his kidnapping, Yemen officials say that Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil is in fact alive and efforts... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

Indian politician suggests ransom fund for kidnapped priest

May 31, 2017

A member of India’s Legislative Assembly is encouraging the Church to raise money for the release of kidnapped priest Father... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

Salesians to participate in novena for safe release of Fr. Tom

Jan 14, 2017

On the 10 month anniversary of the kidnapping of Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil in Yemen, the Salesians are inviting people around... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

Key bishop: 'We don't know' if Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil is still alive

Sep 2, 2016

By Hannah Brockhaus

As the situation in Yemen continues to worsen, Bishop Paul Hinder on Friday requested prayers for priests, for the Missionaries... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

Doubts arise after alleged photo of Fr. Tom surfaces

Jul 20, 2016

After a photo supposedly showing Fr Tom Uzhunnalil, who was kidnapped in Yemen in March, emerged on social media, sources... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, who was abducted in Yemen March 4.

Fr. Tom still missing, but bishop hopeful about his release

May 4, 2016

Two months after being kidnapped in Yemen, Salesian priest Tom Uzhunnalil remains missing, although a bishop involved in his case... Read more

Pope Francis at the Vatican April 3, 2014.

Pope Francis calls for release of kidnapped priest

Apr 10, 2016

By Ann Schneible

Pope Francis on Sunday issued an appeal for the release of kidnapped Salesian priest, Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, and all persons... Read more

Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil.

There is no confirmation that Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil was crucified on Good Friday

Mar 28, 2016

Reports claiming that a kidnapped priest in Yemen was crucified over the weekend are likely false and irresponsible, the local... Read more