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‘Utter disregard’ for life: Members of Congress slam new guidance on embryo research

Two members of Congress this week criticized new guidance by a leading scientific organization removing prohibitions on research of human... Read more

Culturing cells.

Pro-life stem cell research finds success—and seeks more support

A Catholic medical research institute has claimed some successes in providing alternatives to research that harvest cells from human embryos--but... Read more

A scientist holds a petri dish. File Photo.

What are human-animal chimeras, and why are they problematic?

After the National Institutes of Health proposed federal funding of projects to possibly create a human-animal hybrid, Catholic ethicists voiced... Read more

A view of St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican City flag from the roof of a nearby building on June 5, 2015.

The amazing promise of adult stem cells, and how the Church supports it

3-D printing of human tissue. Organ transplant therapy for cancer victims that reduces fatalities by 75 percent.  Read more

European pro-life effort petitions court to be considered for vote

A European Union citizens’ initiative to ban human embryo-destroying research has filed a court petition after being denied a legislative... Read more

Embryonic Stem Cells.

Quest for ethical stem cells prompts moral questions

The first human trials for the treatment of blindness using induced pluripotent stem cells has brought the hope of creating... Read more

A portrait of Shinya Yamanaka.

Nobel-winning stem cell work helps curtail embryonic research

Moral theologian Father Thomas Berg is praising the work of Shinya Yamanaka, the winner of this year's Nobel Prize in... Read more

An image of cord blood neurons.

Trial to study cord blood stem cells' effects on autism

Stem cell researchers are launching the first FDA-approved clinical trial to examine whether cord blood stem cells can improve the... Read more