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Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony List and Dr. Charmaine Yoest of Americans United for Life.

Planned Parenthood abortion numbers rise, other services fall

Jan 13, 2013

A Planned Parenthood report showing an increase in abortions and decrease in other health services is leading to questions over... Read more

Cardinal Timothy Dolan at a press conference for the 2012 USCCB Fall General Assembly, Nov. 13.

Cardinal Dolan decries proposal to expand abortion access

Jan 9, 2013

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York expressed “great disappointment” in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's announcement to move forward with the... Read more

Vigil for Life on Dec. 4, 2012 calling on Irish Leader Enda Kenny to Keep his Pro-life Promise.

Irish pro-lifers: abortion legislation will have election consequences

Dec 19, 2012

By Kevin J. Jones

Pro-life leaders in Ireland have warned that the Fine Gael-run government’s introduction of legislation to legalize abortion will have consequences... Read more

Irish bishops say legalizing abortion will harm care for moms

Dec 18, 2012

The archbishops of Ireland say the government's consideration of legalizing abortion would harm the country's world-renowned health care practices for... Read more


Uruguayan doctors say abortion norms fail to respect conscience rights

Dec 11, 2012

Nearly one hundred doctors in Uruguay filed a lawsuit on Dec. 7, arguing that the country's new abortion norms to... Read more

More than 10,000 people assembled at Dáil Éireann Dec. 4, 2012, to stand up for life and to tell Fine Gael and Enda Kenny to keep their pro-life promise.

Irish pro-lifers hold vigil against abortion legislation

Dec 6, 2012

Thousands of Irish pro-life demonstrators packed the street outside of the Dáil Eireann in Dublin for a Vigil for Life... Read more

Pro-life activist Lila Rose appears in Rome on Dec. 4, 2012.

Lila Rose spreading her US pro-life work to Europe

Dec 4, 2012

A young pro-life American activist is expanding her work overseas after speaking at her first international conference in France.  Read more

Sen. John McCain speaks Sept. 24, 2012 on campaign finance at USC's Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy.

Pro-life leaders ask GOP to stand strong on abortion

Dec 3, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

Top pro-life advocates are calling on the Republican Party to maintain its pro-life stance despite calls from some to back... Read more

pro-life sign on the inside of a bus window during a July 2, 2011 rally in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish pro-life group insists abortion on demand is likely

Nov 29, 2012

By Kevin J. Jones

An Irish pro-life group has reiterated its opposition to proposed new regulations or laws on abortion, warning that these would... Read more

A picture of a pregnant woman. CNA file photo.

Drop in abortion numbers could reflect changing attitudes

Nov 27, 2012

By Kevin J. Jones

A new government report estimates the number of U.S. abortions dropped five percent in 2009, drawing praise from pro-life advocates... Read more


Catholics for a Free Choice spends millions in Latin American abortion support

Nov 26, 2012

The abortion advocacy group Catholics For a Free Choice has invested more than $13 million over the last decade in... Read more

Everett Stadig recuperating in the hospital after being shoved and breaking his hip. Photo courtesy of Everett Stadig.

Assault of pro-life advocate leads to arrest of alleged serial rapist

Nov 21, 2012

The arrest of a prominent Denver realtor who allegedly assaulted a senior citizen collecting signatures for a pro-life petition has lead... Read more


Vatican to address abortions in Catholic hospitals

Nov 15, 2012

During its upcoming conference, the Pontifical Council for Health Care will address the problem of abortion and other practices against... Read more

A screenshot of the Heroic Media ad for ImPregnant.org.

Media group encourages pregnant women to consider adoption

Nov 13, 2012

The Austin-based pro-life media group Heroic Media has released a new video for National Adoption Month to encourage women with... Read more


Montana passes parental notification abortion law

Nov 6, 2012

On Nov. 6, Montana passed a measure requiring abortion facilities to notify parents before performing the procedure on those under... Read more


Abortion supporters try to attack Buenos Aires cathedral

Nov 6, 2012

On Nov. 1 a mob of abortion supporters and anti-clerical leftists in Argentina tried to deface the Metropolitan Cathedral in... Read more


Uruguay Jesuits condemn priest's abortion support

Nov 1, 2012

The Society of Jesus in Uruguay has expressed “deep regret” over statements made to reporters by local priest Father Jose... Read more

Father M. Price Oswalt, one of the leaders behind the perpetual adoration chapel in Warr Acres, Okla.

Catholic chapel to open near Okla. abortion clinic

Oct 26, 2012

By Kevin J. Jones

Catholic pro-life advocates in Oklahoma plan to open a perpetual adoration chapel and counseling offices next to an abortion clinic... Read more

Bishop Heribeto Bodeant, Secretary General of the Uruguayan Bishops’ Conference.

Uruguay bishops clarify statement on excommunication of lawmakers favoring abortion

Oct 24, 2012

The Uruguayan Bishops’ Conference has explained recent statements regarding Catholic lawmakers who voted to legalize abortion in the country, saying... Read more

Melissa Deckman, political science professor at Washington College, speaks at a Catholic vote panel Oct. 22 in Washington, D.C.

Complex Catholic women's vote might influence the election

Oct 23, 2012

By Michelle La Rosa

An analysis of Catholic women during the 2012 election season shows significant levels of agreement with Church teaching on contraception,... Read more