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Washington approves sex-ed measure, despite objection from state's bishops

Nov 3, 2020

Voters in Washington approved a ballot measure that will require “comprehensive sex education” in public schools. Washington’s Catholic bishops opposed... Read more

Colorado State Capitol.

Colo. sex ed bill advances despite vocal opposition

Feb 1, 2019

By Kevin J. Jones

A controversial sex ed bill was approved by a Colorado House committee this week, despite significant concerns voiced by Coloradans... Read more

Not so neutral: Colorado's sex ed bill could marginalize Catholics

Jan 23, 2019

By Kevin J. Jones

A “comprehensive sex education” bill in the Colorado legislature would require public schools to adopt a curriculum that could stigmatize... Read more


Vatican wades into sex education for young people

Aug 24, 2016

The Vatican recently rolled out a new sex education course designed to help parents and educators talk to teens about... Read more

With freedom for Catholic education uncertain, English diocese charts a path

Jul 13, 2015

By Kevin J. Jones

Catholic schools in England could face problems under both a new “British values” government mandate and demands to approve same-sex... Read more

Empty classroom.

Scottish official rejects sex ed guidelines for Catholic schools

Jan 15, 2014

By Kevin J. Jones

A Scottish Catholic education leader is “confident” the government’s proposal for sex education in Catholic schools regarding contraception and homosexual... Read more


Catholic campaign stalls Philippines 'reproductive health' bill

Nov 27, 2012

By Kevin J. Jones

The Catholic clergy in the Philippines are strongly campaigning against political candidates who back a controversial “reproductive health” bill, helping... Read more


Costa Rican bishops slam sex-ed curriculum as propaganda

Aug 31, 2012

The bishops of Costa Rica have sharply criticized a sex-education curriculum recently approved by the government for promoting a “hedonistic”... Read more