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Students on the Annapolis Chesterton Academy soccer team.

Can ‘Catholic joy’ save society? This growing network of Catholic schools says ‘yes’ 

Feb 2, 2024

By Peter Pinedo

The first Chesterton Academy was founded in 2008 with a commitment to being “Catholic, classical, and affordable.” Read more

Teacher Rose Dussault reads aloud to pre-K students at St. Benedict Classical Academy in Natick, Massachusetts.

Here are 4 Catholic schools in the U.S. that are keeping the faith

Jan 29, 2024

By Kate Quiñones

As National Catholic Schools Week begins, CNA looks at four schools across the country that prioritize their Catholic identity in... Read more


‘This is the beginning’: Florida university system adopts Classic Learning Test

Sep 18, 2023

By Daniel Payne

The State University System of Florida announced earlier this month that it will accept the Classic Learning Test (CLT) as... Read more

Students at St. Thomas More School in Austria learn the importance of critical thinking, with an emphasis on logic over sole memorization.

Inside the first Catholic classical school in Austria

Aug 25, 2022

By Leonardo Colon

EWTN News In-Depth Correspondent Colm Flynn recently visited St. Thomas More School in Austria, which offers a unique, classically-based approach... Read more

Statue of Socrates

Conference aims to explain the idea of a classical education

Jul 26, 2018

By Christine Rousselle

A classical education forms the whole person, leading students to truth and mitigating the influence of internet culture, according to... Read more


How a new classical academy is reaching out to millennial parents

Sep 18, 2016

Coming in 2017, families in Northern Colorado will have the option to send their children to a Catholic elementary school... Read more