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Vatican official highlights confession on All Saints, All Souls Day

It is fitting for Catholics to go to confession on All Saints Day and All Souls Day, and to pray... Read more

Catacombs of Paris, France. Photo: Travis Grossen via Unsplash.

Dead Theologians Society: The ‘memento mori’ youth group

The incredible story of the Dead Theologians Society.  Read more

'Remember Me' - Should Catholics talk to their dead loved ones? 

Catholics should proceed with caution when “communicating” with the dead, two Catholic psychologists told CNA, and they should ground their... Read more

Have souls in Purgatory visited people on earth?

Nestled in Rome just outside the Vatican, a small unassuming museum dedicated to the souls in Purgatory displays simple items... Read more

Memento mori - How religious orders remember death

There’s an old Latin phrase that’s suddenly new again - at least in the realm of Catholic Twitter™. The resurgence... Read more