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Planned Parenthood hosts a rally for funding abortion for Medicaid recipients on the state capitol's steps in January.

Do your tax dollars pay for abortion? It depends on where you live

May 26, 2023

By Peter Pinedo

Rhode Island joins 16 other states funding abortion through Medicaid, despite the Hyde Amendment prohibiting the use of tax dollars... Read more

A patient sees her growing baby during an ultrasound conducted at a check-up.

Mississippi to implement new pro-family measures after governor signs bills

Apr 20, 2023

By Jonah McKeown

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves this week signed into law several pieces of pro-life and pro-family legislation.  Read more

Missouri cannot block Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood, high court says

Jul 3, 2020

The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a provision that intended to cut Planned Parenthood off from Medicaid funding... Read more

Catholic bishops of Oklahoma support Medicaid expansion ballot measure

Jun 9, 2020

The Catholic bishops of Oklahoma have voiced support for a ballot measure that would expand Medicaid in the state.  Read more

Indiana state capitol.

Indiana 'hopeful' Supreme Court will hear case on defunding abortion clinics

May 4, 2020

By Christine Rousselle

The state of Indiana is hopeful the Supreme Court will hear their case on whether the state can block Planned... Read more

Supreme Court of the United States.

Let states defund Planned Parenthood, Congressmen tell Supreme Court

Apr 30, 2020

More than 130 members of Congress are asking the Supreme Court to allow states to defund Planned Parenthood.  Read more

The March for Life in Washington, D.C., Jan. 19, 2018.

Federal money to go to Texas women's health program without abortion providers

Jan 23, 2020

A Texas women’s health program that bars funding for health care providers that perform abortions has been approved for federal... Read more

Kansas Capitol.

Kansas Catholic Conference says Medicaid expansion needs pro-life revisions

Nov 19, 2019

As Kansas considers expanding its Medicaid program, the state’s Catholic conference said its support is contingent upon the establishment of... Read more

Proposed changes to poverty calculations could strip federal aid from millions

May 10, 2019

A new proposal from the Trump administration would change the way the national poverty threshold is calculated, potentially leading millions... Read more

The March for Life in Washington, D.C., Jan. 27, 2017.

Appeals court rules in Texas' favor over effort to defund Planned Parenthood

Jan 18, 2019

The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit vacated Thursday a previous injunction barring Texas from stripping Planned... Read more

The March for Life in Washington, D.C., Jan. 27, 2017.

US Supreme Court won't hear case of states defunding Planned Parenthood

Dec 10, 2018

By Christine Rousselle

The US Supreme Court will not hear an appeal from states which were seeking to terminate Medicaid contracts with Planned... Read more

Planned Parenthood sues after South Carolina bans Medicaid funds for abortion clinics

Aug 1, 2018

Planned Parenthood has filed a lawsuit challenging a South Carolina executive order barring Medicaid funds from going toward any health... Read more

Taxpayer-funded abortion law met with Illinois lawsuit

Dec 2, 2017

A new Illinois law requiring public funding of elective abortions is opposed by pro-life groups and taxpayers who have sued... Read more

Dawn at the U.S. Capitol Building.

Why this pro-life congressman opposed the failed health care bill

Apr 1, 2017

By Matt Hadro

When last week’s health care bill failed, it wasn’t just Democrats who fought it.  Read more