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South African flag, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Southern African bishops call for an end to violence and looting

Jul 15, 2021

By Courtney Mares

At least 72 people have died amid rioting. Read more

South African President Jacob Zuma at a press conference after a meeting with the German Chancellor in the Federal Chanclery in Berlin.

South African bishops welcome president's resignation

Feb 15, 2018

Catholic leaders in South Africa applauded news of President Jacob Zuma’s resignation, stressing the need to root out corruption at... Read more

Protesters march to parliament in protest President Jacob Zuma.

South Africa needs a better anti-corruption system, bishops say

Oct 16, 2017

South Africa’s Conference of Catholic Bishops has pushed for the development of an anti-corruption court, citing the damage to the... Read more

South African president Jacob Zuma at a Nov. 10, 2015 meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

South African bishops call on nation's president to consider resigning

Apr 10, 2017

The bishops of South Africa have called on the country's embattled president, Jacob Zuma, to consider stepping down as part... Read more