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With dozens of babies stranded in Ukraine, bishops call for an end to surrogacy

May 15, 2020

At least 100 babies recently born to surrogate mothers are now “stranded” in Ukraine, as coronavirus restrictions prevent them from... Read more

Push to expand surrogacy practices in US raises questions

Jun 2, 2018

A proposal introduced earlier this year aims to expand the practice of surrogacy within the U.S. in an effort to... Read more

Baby by Amy Quinn (CC0 1.0).

Women without wombs: New technology offers progress, warning

Oct 14, 2014

By Adelaide Mena

The first successful birth to a woman who had undergone a womb transplant highlights both opportunities resulting from new technology... Read more

Sleeping Baby by Vera Kratochvil (CC0 1.0).

Fertility treatments succeed without assisted reproduction

Mar 3, 2014

A doctor in Italy has seen great success in helping couples conceive by examining their overall health and treating underlying... Read more


Argentine bishops concerned over assisted reproduction law

Jun 18, 2013

Responding to a new law on assisted fertilization, the bishops of Argentina stressed that “not everything that is technically possible... Read more

Catholic students spark controversy over IVF support

Oct 2, 2012

By Carl Bunderson

Students at Loyola Law School have drawn criticism over writing a legal brief in support of Costa Rica legalizing in-vitro... Read more