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Hosts donated by the Bishop Víctor Manuel Ochoaof Cúcuta. Photo: Diocese of Cúcuta.

Colombian diocese donates 250,000 hosts to alleviate shortage in Venezuela

Apr 2, 2018

With a flour shortage leading to a lack of hosts in Venezuela, the neighboring diocese of Cúcuta, Colombia donated 250,000... Read more

Venezuelans on October 4, 2016 across the border in Cucuta, Colombia.

Peruvian bishops: Welcome Venezuelan migrants with solidarity

Mar 15, 2018

The Peruvian Bishops' Conference called on the people of the country to act with Christian solidarity toward Venezuelan migrants fleeing... Read more

Migrant child has lunch at the Casa de Paso "Divina Providencia" in Cu?cuta.

Local Church aids migrants crossing from Venezuela to Colombia

Mar 2, 2018

As thousands continue to pour across the border from Venezuela to Colombia, the local Church is helping meet the needs... Read more

Archbishop Diego Patron of Cumana, Venezuela.

Venezuelan archbishop decries plan to change election date

Jan 29, 2018

Archbishop Diego Padrón of Cumaná, former president of the Venezuelan bishops' conference, denounced plans to advance presidential elections in the... Read more

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela.

Venezuelan bishops accused of “hate crimes”

Jan 18, 2018

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, called for an investigation of two bishops accused of committing “hate crimes” in homilies... Read more

Caritas Venezuela warns that 280,000 children could die of malnutrition

Oct 31, 2017

Caritas Venezuela has warned that some 280,000 children could die of malnutrition due to food shortages amidst the country’s grave... Read more

The flag of Venezuela.

Pope Francis: United Nations must help in Venezuela crisis

Sep 11, 2017

By Elise Harris, Hannah Brockhaus

Aboard his overnight flight from Colombia to Rome Sunday, Pope Francis touched on the dire political and human rights crisis... Read more

The flag of Venezuela.

Venezuelan bishop confirms fraudulence of national elections

Aug 8, 2017

By Adelaide Mena

The crisis in Venezuela continues to deepen following elections for a Constituent Assembly promoted by President Nicolás Maduro. In its... Read more

Pope Francis.

Vatican urges Venezuela to suspend constitutional revision

Aug 4, 2017

By Elise Harris

As tensions and deaths continue to rise in Venezuela over the government's push to re-write their constitution, the Holy See... Read more

Violence during protests in Venezuela.

Shots fired at people voting outside church in Venezuela

Jul 17, 2017

Armed civilians who support the Venezuelan regime opened fire against a large crowd of protestors who were participating in a... Read more

Venezuela Flag.

Venezuelans travel to Fatima with a plea for their country

May 15, 2017

By Elise Harris

Jose Antonio dos Santos, an immigrant from Venezuela now living in Barcelona, made his way to Fatima for the centenary... Read more

In Venezuela, garbage dumps have become places to eat

May 11, 2017

Garbage dumps have become “a regular place for people to eat” in Venezuela, says a local priest lamenting the nation's... Read more

Pope Francis at the general audience in St. Peter Square, Feb. 22, 2017.

Don't let Venezuelans fall into despair, Pope tells bishops

May 8, 2017

In response to Venezuela's violent riots, inflated prices, and political mistrust, Pope Francis urged the country's bishops to continue promoting... Read more

Pope Francis before the leading the Regina Coeli in St. Peter's Square April 30, 201.

Francis prays for victims of the ongoing crisis in Venezuela

Apr 30, 2017

By Hannah Brockhaus

In his Regina Coeli address on Sunday, Pope Francis called attention to the violence in Venezuela, offering up his prayers... Read more

Violence during protests in Venezuela.

Venezuelan Catholics face backlash for opposing government

Feb 23, 2017

After speaking against alleged government misconduct, human rights abuses and delay of free elections, Catholic churches and clergy around Venezuela... Read more

Violence during protests in Venezuela.

Archbishop: There's a 'bloodbath' going on in Venezuela

Jan 31, 2017

When asked by a reporter about the threat of civil war in his country, Archbishop Ubaldo Santana of Maracaibo responded... Read more

Red cardinal's biretta.

New Venezuelan cardinal says country's crisis prompted red hat

Nov 18, 2016

By Elise Harris

Venezuelan Archbishop Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo is one of the Pope's picks from the peripheries who will get a red... Read more

Pope Francis aboard the papal plane during his Oct. 31-Nov. 1 trip to Sweden.

Full text: Pope Francis' in-flight presser from Sweden

Nov 1, 2016

During his flight from Sweden to Rome on Tuesday, Pope Francis gave a press conference to the journalists assembled aboard... Read more

The flag of Venezuela.

Pope Francis talks nationwide crisis in meeting with Venezuela's Maduro

Oct 25, 2016

By Elise Harris

On Monday Pope Francis met with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, head of the country’s socialist regime, at the Vatican to... Read more

Venezuelan government blasted for blocking Church aid

Jul 11, 2016

A top Venezuelan prelate slammed president Nicolás Maduro's lack of “moral authority” in calling for peace while preventing the Church... Read more